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Projekt Melody

I’m wondering how many of you guys have heard of Projekt Melody? She hit twitter in 2019 and grew her audience quite quickly. Essentially, she’s a virtual youtuber who uses a 3D anime style character instead of her own. She chats using her own voice and the character syncs to that.

I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this one. Is this something you could get into? I know her real life appearance is pretty hot but does this do it for you more?

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Sex Doll Comes To Life

It’s strange because dolls that don’t even move can give you that eery feeling of being alive, especially in the beginning when you’re new to dolls. As dolls advance with AI, talking and movement features how utterly unnerving is the coming revolution going to be…

It makes me wonder if some of the people in the world are already sex dolls, androids or NPC’s.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the video and add your thoughts below in the comments

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New Hand Skeleton

For a long time there has been some debate around our dolls hand skeletons.

Originally, if they weren’t treated with extreme care the fingers could snap.

To deal with this, the factory started to use thicker gauge wire and this helped a lot.

However, we were still getting the occasional report of broken fingers.

At this stage we would advise customers to either put  fingerless lace gloves on the dolls hands as this would give them the root stability to maintain position.

Another alternative was to remove the broken wires altogether. This was best done by removing a finger nail, pulling the wire out through the skin and then replacing the nail, so that no repair was really needed as the hole would be under the nail.

There’s been more debate on this for a while until finally, the factory have come up with an actual hand skeleton.

As you can see the results are amazing and we’re hoping to get feedback from some of our early customer adopters as soon as we can

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Lighter Dolls

As we all know, some of the dolls we sell are heavy, perhaps too heavy for some people. There’s been talk for a while of making them lighter and you guys have often sent in your ideas how to do this. Well, it looks like the time has finally come and the factory is ready to roll this out, or a prototype at least. They’ve focused their efforts and are now able to offer the WM 163cm H Cup in a 10Kg lighter version and the WM 168cm E Cup in a 8-10Kg lighter version.

Lighter WM Dolls
Heavenly Cherub Gets Wings
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Painted Skin

If you want to take your doll realism to the next level you can select our “Painted Skin” option. This is essentially some extra touch ups on the doll to give the impression of skin blemishes and blood vessels. The process is considered to be permanent but a few people have reported it coming off in areas. The factory have done extensive tests and found that with normal washing and maintenance there is no loss, so it’s possible that some particular cleaners may cause an issue but you’re welcome to consult with us on any products before use.

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My Doll and I

It was Wednesday 16th of July 2020 when it happened. After spending the best part of 2 years lurking around the Lovedoll website, I finally took the plunge and bought a doll. So there you go, it’s done and it doesn’t matter what doll I bought or how I specced it. No, the key question here is why it took all that time to make the decision to buy. So I gave it some thought, reached some conclusions and decided to share the results with you, a reader that might be stuck in the ‘buy or not to buy’ rut.

My Doll And I

What about the Doll?

I recall that I decided very early on what model I wanted. That decision was easy, I remember seeing it for the first time and was sold there and then. I admit that I did look at some others from the site, but in the end, I went for the one that just felt right which is a subjective, personal decision that I cannot really explain to you. I went for a pre-specced model, where the key decisions have already been made. I like that route because if I’d gone down the Doll Builder route I would have been swapping specs from now til kingdom come.

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How To Move Your Sex Doll

Let’s face it, all our dolls are pretty heavy and, if you’re not used to them, you can get quite a shock when you first start to move them around. Here, I’ll give you a few options of how to shift your lady lover depending on her weight and your strength.

how t move your sex doll around

The easiest way to move a standing doll is simply to pick her up under the arms, move her a short way and then put her back down again. You need to be careful with the soles of her feet because, if you put her down too quickly on a hard floor you may damage her soles (not her soul – as she may not have one). You can avoid damage to the feet by putting her down on carpet or putting socks/shoes on her.

Another option, especially if you’re carrying a doll up some stairs, is to put her over your shoulder. This can be hard work on the legs but it can save a lot of time if you’d got some distance to cover and is a lot easier on the back.

You can also cradle her in front of your but be careful as this takes a lot of strength and can really hurt your back, especially if you’re bending down to pick her up in the first place.

If anyone has any other suggestions please add them to the comments below and I’ll update this article.

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Broken Head Socket

broken head socket

We delivered a doll to a customer today and they were super happy but the head connector had broken. They told us that they were going to super glue it and see how they got on. If it becomes too much of a problem, I’m sure we can replace this but he asked if we had any suggestions if that didn’t work. I’ve only seen this once before a long time ago and I can’t even remember what I did to fix it.

Has anyone experienced this who has a better memory than me?