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Sex Dolls: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

Whether you love them or hate them, sex dolls are definitely here for the foreseeable future. If you’re considering making a purchase, think they’re funny or think they threaten the very fabric of the human race then we’ve got you covered.

Who Buys Them And Why

Just about every type of person can be found to be buying a sex doll. However the majority of customers tend to be middle class men. The social and economic characteristics of this class makes it a more natural fit. There is a small number of women (many being gay) who buy female dolls and an even smaller number of women buying male dolls. Gay men also make up a very small number of male doll purchases.

They are generally bought as they offer something the user couldn’t otherwise obtain, i.e. sex and intimacy, or it offers them in a way that is easier than they would normally get them. For example someone with social anxiety may find it difficult to meet people and sex is even more difficult again. In other situations on partner in a relationship may have a higher sex drive than the other and this is a safer way to satisfy that need, than bringing a third person into the relationship.

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Type Of Sex Doll

Sex dolls vary in terms of the material used and quality of the build. There are now

Blowup dolls are considered the cheapest entry to the market, having a thin plastic casing that is blown up like a beach ball in the shape of a person. The genitals are often made out of silicone or TPE and this is sometimes the case for the head, feet and hands.

Plushie/teddy bear dolls are made out the same thing you’d expect to see a teddy bear made out of and generally have TPE or silicone genitals.

Foam dolls have a foam, or polystyrene type core, with an outer layer of plastic or rubber. This keeps both the cost and the weight of the doll low. Though the lightness can lead to a less realistic feel.

TPE and silicone dolls are at the higher end of the scale. TPE is softer than silicone so generally feels better to touch, whereas silicone is more dense so that it is less prone to damage and can have more intimate detail crafted into the skin and features.

All of these types of doll can vary in quality from one product to the next, depending upon the quality of materials used and the craftsmanship at the factory.

The History Of Sex Dolls

The first thing most people can remember is when Del, from Only Fools & Horses, got a load of these on the cheap and tried to flog them for profit. In fact, anyone we speak to over a certain age, mentions this at some point.

Not women but this may be a growing trend and we’ll look at that in the next paragraph

Sex Dolls For Women

This is currently only a small part of the market. Many women in the industry have argued that this is due to the fact that they are predominately designed by men for men, however I think this is only part of the reason as some of the major factories are in fact female owned/managed. The more likely reason that they are not yet popular with women is because they have been historically less visual than men in their sexual desires. Sex dolls are also renowned for being very heavy (sometimes up to 60 or 70kg) and so are more difficult to manage than they are for men (although at the higher end, most men also find them too heavy).

Sex Dolls For Gay Men

Many of the male dolls are, what you would call, a bit twinky (feminine) which suggests that a gay market is, at least slightly, in the mind of the creators. In general, however, gay men do not have a shortage of access to sexual partners so it is unlikely to be a mainstream market. It may however grow to be an alternative for closet homosexuals (those who have not accounted their desires publicly) or for the more adventurous gay men out there wanting to try something new.

The Present State Of Sex Doll Technology

Currently sex dolls are pretty lifelike and could be said to have a 70-80% likeness of a real-life woman, or at least one who doesn’t move. The feel of some of the better quality TPE dolls also comes very close to touching a person, especially if the doll is warmed up. In fact we believe there are few people who could tell the difference when blind folded.

The higher quality dolls also have available some great things as optional extras or a default features. For example the ability to balance/stand by themselves was a development in the last couple of years. This involves metal studs protruding from the feet so that the weight of the doll is transferred into the skeleton, rather than the flesh of the feet (which would otherwise be crushed). Central heating is available whereby the doll can be plugged into the mains and brought up to a realistic body temperature. This gives a much more realistic experience (that is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. However, this feature may not make the grade as a hotter doll is currently more susceptible to damage and there was, in the early stages, some issues around dolls melting. Dolls can also easily be heated with electric blankets.

Around 2017 we saw the early dawnings, or more accurately, the precursor to the sex doll movement. This involved the heads being able to, very crudely, talk but having an MP3 player built into the head. This allowed the doll to moan during sex or, for the more technologically, inclined to play back speech. This also did not particularly take off and most retailers no longer offer this option.

We are now starting to see the first sex doll robots, although this is a loose use of the word as they do not currently move beyond the turning of the head, minor facial movements and not-synced movement of the mouth when speech occurs. There is a basic use of AI and speech recognition that allows basic verbal interaction.

The Future Of Sex Dolls

As well as the recent developments in the last section there are a number of things that are likely to be at least tested and then included as an option or as standard in the dolls of the future. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a big one and although, some companies are trying to develop their own, it is likely that dolls of the future will integrate the AI of the big companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft. This will allow us to have direct conversations and, most likely, give instructions to our dolls.

A rather under-developed and not yet focused upon feature is movement. The dolls of the future will be able to move around in a sexual manner (such as gyrating and sucking) as well as be able to walk around and perform human activities.

There may even come a point when sex robots become indistinguishable from humans – both in looks and actions. This may even move into tranhumanism, whereby humans merge or transport their consciousness into them.

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The Threat Of Sex Dolls

This is more commonly seen as the threat of sex robots but this is where they started and the argument is still relevant.

The fact is that many men are now having a sex doll instead of a girlfriend or wife. So it could be argued that they are a threat to institute of marriage or society itself. If relationships break down then something else may emerge. Examples of this may be that women only cluster to certain men for pregnancy or not at all. This could ultimately lead to a drop in birthrate and potential extinction of the species. However this seems unlikely, as the human instinct to procreate is what got us to the current population numbers in the first place. It could however have a significant impact.

The Legality Of Sex Dolls

Sex Dolls themselves are legal in most major countries, although there are some bans in countries like India, Turkey and Brazil. There is an issue of legality with regards to smaller dolls being considered to represent children and as such child sex and pornography laws need to be considered. There is also an issue surrounding the hiring of Sex Dolls in some countries as these are seen as sex doll brothels

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Sex Doll Damage And Repairs

Dolls aren’t indestructible yet and we’ve actually got to treat them with a little care and respect. If you use your doll carefully and in the usual manner you should avoid major damage but you could still encounter wear and tear. Because dolls are typically made of soft TPE or Silicone it’s possible to catch them on sharp objects or to graze them on rough ones. It’s possible therefore to tear or scuff the skin. TPE dolls, typically damage more easily than silicone dolls and it’s always advisable to remember how much you’ve just paid for your doll.

Tears can generally be glued and the level of success (how good it looks afterwards) often depends on how much care you take (e.g. cleaning the cut before glueing) and what your skill level is with repairs. Note that different glues are used for TPE and silicone dolls. Certain TPE dolls can also be successfully repair by melting with hot air or irons but this is more advanced and not recommended for newbies.

Selling Or Disposing Of Your Doll When You’re Finished With It

There are a number of companies and websites that deal with used dolls and many people will actually buy them as the price can be substantially lower than that of a new doll.

Due to their size and appearance however, they’re a little bit more tricky to dispose of. They can be taken to local tips though this can cause a slight amount of embarrassment when the workers ask what’s inside. Therefore it is advisable to take them to the tip in the box they were shipped in and make sure it’s taped up. You can answer the question with “it’s just household waste mate” and this will likely get you pointed in the right direction.

Alternatively you can always find someone else who is desperate for a doll and give it to them in person or by shipping it.

Selling Scams

With Sex Dolls often being sold to people who are in a difficult emotional time of their lives, it makes them more open to manipulation. Some unscrupulous sellers will take advantage of that by selling counterfeit dolls (lower quality than their branded counterparts) or they will advertise a beautiful looking doll and supply a blowup doll in its place (known as bait and switch). When buying a doll, it’s always advised to do a bit of research on the website or company first and please accept the advice that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.


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