Doll Care And Maintenance

Best practice ways to take care of your sex doll, to ensure the best ways to care for your doll and keep them well maintained. 

Most things these days come with care instructions. Here’s a few do’s and don’ts with dolls:

do use regular soap and water to wash your doll

do use a soft cloth

don’t use a hard sponge or wire wool as it might damage the doll

do let your doll air dry or pat dry with a towel

don’t rub a towel up and down the dolls body

do apply talc to your dolls dry body at least monthly (to keep it soft and smooth)

do apply apply our maintenance solution monthly to stop tearing or stretching

One of the most common questions we get asked is how to clean her vagina, anus and mouth out after use. There are various methods such as wiping out with a wet wipe wrapped around two fingers, using a water irrigator to spray water up and let it drip back out or even using soap and water and put your whole hand up there and give a good clean.

Method 1: wet wipes
This is a very quick method though not completely thorough. It’s best used only one or two times in a row or if you’re in a bit of a hurry.

Method 2: water irrigator
We generally supply one of these with all new dolls. It’s the little plastic contraption with the nozzle. You can fill with soap and water and squirt it up inside your doll.

Method 3: put your whole hand up
Believe it or not you’ll get your whole hand and part of your arm up there. Soak your hand in soapy water and make a tip with all of your finger. Push your fingers, hand and then arm right the way into your doll. The TPE is stretchy enough to accommodate you but still be careful not to put too much pressure in there. With you’re hand inside wash around the inside of the walls. Repeat a few times, dipping your hand into soapy water each time.

General Tip: For methods 2 & 3, you’ll want to leave your doll standing up or hanging so that the water can drip back out.

With all methods leave your dolls legs slightly open, so that the vagina and anus are open to the air and can dry naturally. Don’t leave your dolls legs too far apart as this can cause them to damage at the seams over time.