Build Your Own Sex Doll


Build your doll by clicking the pictures of your options below (detailed info at the bottom of the page). The price of the doll starts with the body, most options are free but a couple cost more.

* Simple ordering process (Choose Options, Add to cart, Select Payment Method, Checkout)
* Fastest shipping (DHL Express 2 day shipping from our Chinese factory to the UK)
* Customs duty and tax paid on our account
* Regular progress emails – so you know your delivery date in advance
* Change your delivery date if you’re going to be out (UK only)

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Build your doll below by clicking on the pictures of your chosen option. The start price of the doll is determined by the body you choose, as each body is a different size, weight and price. Most options do not have a price difference but some do, this is listed under each selection and the total price is shown at the bottom. Shipping for dolls is FREE Worldwide. All orders are shipped with the customs having already been taken care of by us so there will be no unexpected bill after delivery.

Heads – All of our heads will fit all of our bodies and there are no real differences other than how they look, so simply pick the one you prefer. Eye colour and wig style are simply personal preference and can actually be changed at any time if you want to. Some of the heads have the ability to have a tongue built in (check the list that appears, when you click this option to see if your chose head does – if not select none or separate).

Body – The body you decide upon will determine the price of the doll. Each doll has different measurements and shapes differ widely so make sure you select the one that you like best and also note the weight as some of the larger dolls are a little heavier.

Skeleton – We use the latest skeleton with our dolls. There has also been a recent advancement that allows the shoulders to separately shrug up and down and the waist to bend side to side, if you want these features select the shurgging shoulders option. NOTE that the shrugging shoulder skeleton is not compatible with central heating.

Heating – Only some of our bodies can use the central heating option. If you select the shrugging shoulder skeleton we cannot put the heating in there also. The body has a socket on the left side of the ribs which plugs into the mains an hour or so before use to get the doll to body temperature. Note that heads do not heat up, just the body. We would advise that you don’t leave the doll plugged into the heat for too long or in a stretched position as the skin can possibly tear. Better to leave the body in a flat position with arms by the sides and legs not opened too wide while she’s warming up and then try not to push the limbs into extreme position during use.

Skin Tone – Most pictures that you see of the pre-configured dolls are in tanned or light tanned skin tones and a few are in pink. These, especially tanned, are the most commonly ordered skin tones but you, of course, can order your preference.

Vagina – Fixed vaginas are more common than removable ones. Although removable ones do allow for more thorough cleaning as you can take the insert over to the sink, turn inside out and throughly clean, they have the disadvantage of looking less realistic and being a bit laborious to remove and replace – there is also the risk of vagina tearing if you are too rough with this process.

Nails – Finger and toe nails are again personal preference. With the finger nails however, the clear nails are far nicer than the pink.

Feet – With the feet, the standing option is most popular. The only downside to them is that there are the metal prongs that protrude slightly from the foot but, unless you have a huge foot fetish, this doesn’t outweigh the fact that you can then stand your doll for long periods of time for photography, intimacy or storage (note we recommend leaning against something when unsupervised).

Delivery type – Our dolls are shipped direct from our factory to your door for the fastest possible service. If you are not able to accept delivery on the day we give you, you can simply change it to any day that suits you better.

Each of the dolls come with vagina (19cm), anal (17cm) and oral (15cm) orifices. TPE is also very elastic and so will accommodate just about all girths.