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Build your doll by clicking the pictures of your options below (detailed info at the bottom of the page). The price of the doll starts with the body, most options are free but a couple cost more.


+ Optional Extras

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Build your doll below by clicking on the pictures of your chosen option. The start price of the doll is determined by the body you choose, as each body is a different size, weight and price. Most options do not have a price difference but some do, this is listed under each selection and the total price is shown at the bottom. Shipping for dolls is FREE Worldwide. All orders are shipped with the customs having already been taken care of by us so there will be no unexpected bill after delivery.

Heads – All of our heads will fit all of our bodies and there are no real differences other than how they look, so simply pick the one you prefer. Eye colour and wig style are simply personal preference and can actually be changed at any time if you want to.

Mouth – Originally heads were made with the textured mouth and no tongue. A more recent advancement is the built in tongue and this does seem to be the far more popular option (Note head 98 and 130 cannot have the enhanced mouth).

Body – The body you decide upon will determine the price of the doll. Each doll has different measurements and shapes differ widely so make sure you select the one that you like best and also note the weight as some of the larger dolls are a little heavier.

Implanted Hair – You can select this option to have individual strands of hair woven into the scalp of your doll. To do this the head is made of a slightly harder TPE than the body. This allows more detail, so it will look a little more beautiful, and it is harder wearing. Note that this option means the north will be closed and not useable.

Skeleton – We use the the most advanced skeleton in the world as standard, including features such as shrugging shoulders and twisting waist. The doll can move into and hold any position that a human can. Most recent advancements allow the shoulders to shrug up and down and the waist to bend side to side.

Skin Tone – Most pictures that you see of the pre-configured dolls are in tanned or light tanned skin tones and a few are in pink. These, especially tanned, are the most commonly ordered skin tones but you, of course, can order your preference.

Vagina – Fixed vaginas are more common than removable ones. Although removable ones do allow for more thorough cleaning as you can take the insert over to the sink, turn inside out and throughly clean, they have the disadvantage of looking less realistic and being a bit laborious to remove and replace – there is also the risk of vagina tearing if you are too rough with this process. We’ve now also added the option of a lubricant free vagina, which simply requires a few drops of water (more info).

Nails – Finger and toe nails are again personal preference. With the finger nails however, the clear nails are far nicer than the pink.

Feet – With the feet, the standing option is most popular. The only downside to them is that there are the metal prongs that protrude slightly from the foot but, unless you have a huge foot fetish, this doesn’t outweigh the fact that you can then stand your doll for long periods of time for photography, intimacy or storage (note we recommend leaning against something when unsupervised).

Delivery type – Our dolls are shipped direct from our factory to your door for the fastest possible service. If you are not able to accept delivery on the day we give you, you can simply change it to any day that suits you better.

Each of the dolls come with vagina (19cm), anal (17cm) and oral (15cm) orifices. TPE is also very elastic and so will accommodate just about all girths.

Additional information

Weight 32 kg

Number 8, Number 13, Number 15, Number 26, Number 30, Number 37, Number 38, Number 40, Number 46, Number 47, Number 51, Number 55, Number 56, Number 57, Number 58, Number 70, Number 73, Number 74, Number 82, Number 84, Number 86, Number 93, Number 97, Number 99, Number 105, Number 106, Number 108, Number 111, Number 114, Number 117, Number 118, Number 121, Number 122, Number 124, Number 126, Number 129, Number 130, Number 133, Number 137, Number 142, Number 149, Number 156, Number 159, Number 162, Number 167, Number 172, Number 176, Number 179, Number 182, Number 186, Number 188, Number 195, Number 198, Number 201, Number 203, Number 205, Number 210, Number 217, Number 219, Number 220, Number 221, Number 227, Number 230, Number 233, Number 234, Number 236, Number 237, Number 241, Number 242, Number 248, Number 252, Number 253, Number 254, Number 256, Number 266, Number 273, Number 286, Number 303, Number 316, Number 326, Number 335, Number 336, Number 356, Number 360, Number 361, Number 363, Number 368, Number 370, Number 372, Number 378, Number 382, Number 383, Number 384


Style 1, Style 2, Style 3, Style 4, Style 5, Style 6, Style 7, Style 8, Style 9, Style 10, Style 11, Style 12, Style 13, Style 14, Style 15

Eye Colour

Amber, Green, Brown, Black, Dark Grey, Silver Cat, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Light Grey, Purple, Red, NEW Blue, NEW Green


Enhanced / With Tongue, Textured / No Tongue


WM Torso D Cup, WM Torso H Cup, WM Torso M Cup, YL Torso B13, YL 151cm C Cup, WM 152cm H Cup, YL 155cm A Cup (Small Hips), YL 155cm A Cup (Big Hips), WM 155cm L Cup, YL 155cm D Cup, OR 156cm B Cup, OR 156cm D Cup, OR 156cm E Cup, OR 156cm G Cup, WM 156cm H Cup, WM 156cm M Cup, WM 157cm B Cup, YL 157cm C Cup, OR 157cm H Cup, WM 158cm B Cup, WM 158cm D Cup, WM 158cm G Cup, WM 159cm E Cup, WM 160cm B Cup, YL 160cm JJ Cup, OR 160cm K Cup, WM 161cm G Cup, WM 162cm B Cup, WM 162cm D Cup, WM 162cm E Cup, WM 162cm F Cup, WM 163cm C Cup, WM 163cm H Cup, WM 164cm D Cup, WM 164cm J Cup, WM 165cm P Cup, WM 165cm D Cup, YL 165cm F Cup, WM 166cm C Cup, WM 167cm N Cup, YL 168cm B Cup, WM 168cm E Cup, WM 168cm F Cup, WM 170cm D Cup, WM 170cm H Cup, WM 170cm M Cup, YL 170cm FF Cup, WM 171cm H Cup, WM 172cm B Cup, WM 172cm D Cup, WM 173cm H Cup, WM 174cm G Cup

Skin Tone

Natural, Pink, Light Tanned, Tanned

Areola Size

3cm, 4cm, 5cm, 6cm, 7cm


Fixed, Insert

Pubic Hair

Without, Style 1 – Black, Style 1 – Brown, Style 2 – Black, Style 2 – Brown

Finger Nails

Clear, Pink

Toes Nails

4, 3, 6, 8, 11


Standing – can stand unaided when balanced properly – metal points protrude from foot, Normal – cannot stand for more than a few moments or foot will damage


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