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Broken Head Socket

broken head socket

We delivered a doll to a customer today and they were super happy but the head connector had broken. They told us that they were going to super glue it and see how they got on. If it becomes too much of a problem, I’m sure we can replace this but he asked if we had any suggestions if that didn’t work. I’ve only seen this once before a long time ago and I can’t even remember what I did to fix it.

Has anyone experienced this who has a better memory than me?

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Loose Leg

In the spirit of being more open and transparent, I wanted to kick this off with a product issue a customers is having with his doll. On the second day the customer emailed to say that he believed the left leg had become detached from the skeleton so I asked him to send in a video.

I could see from the video there was a definite issue as the leg does not hold any position and simply flops back to the bed. Having seen this a few times over the years, I believed this was simply a loose joint, rather than a detached joint. Having read something on a forum the customer thought it might still be detached so I advised him to put the leg straight and then pull on it, i.e. as if trying to pull it out of the socket. From this, he saw that it was not detached and felt a little better about the situation.

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Replacing Eyes and Fixing Eyelashes

The tricks for replacing eyes are:

  • pull the eyes apart, without touching the eyelashes or make-up
  • pop the eye out and remove all the packing
  • scrunch the packing tightly into the new eye
  • pull the eyes apart, without touching the eyelashes or make-up
  • pop the new eye back in
  • The tricks for reattaching loose eyelashes are:

  • apply a small amount of glue to a paperclip, pin or other tool
  • pull the eyelash gently back and apply glue to the back of the eyelash (not the doll)
  • holding the ends of the eyelash and not touching the glue, press it carefully into the position you want it to stick
  • hold for 5 seconds and let go
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