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Losing Your Virginity To A Sex Robot

Back in the old days, life was simple. You went to school, you got a job for life, you got married and you had kids. That generally meant you were guaranteed to have sex before you were 18. These days though, life is different: we don’t settle down as early, we’re more self involved with social media and we don’t drink as much alcohol. Things like daily stress, social anxiety and general distrust of others is on the rise and all of a sudden we’ve got a world full of virgins, walking around all pent up and on edge. Once you go beyond a certain point, say 18 then it starts to become a bit of a thing. You might be pleased with it for a while but as your age increases into your 20’s and 30’s then it’s, at the very least, an awkward subject, if not an area of embarrassment. Continue reading Losing Your Virginity To A Sex Robot

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Sex Robots And Virtual Reality (VR Porn)

Sex Robots And VR Porn

It seems that two of the best sexual fantasies are finally upon us. Sex Dolls have already reached an acceptable level of realism and the market itself has a good level of public awareness and acceptability. Virtual reality is in a similar phase offering affordable, advanced headsets and, most importantly, a large amount of high quality vr porn. The question is where are both of these technologies going and how will they combine? Continue reading Sex Robots And Virtual Reality (VR Porn)

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Sex Dolls For Divorcees And Widowers

We get so many men talking to us who are divorced or widowed and just can’t face going back out there and meeting another person. It can be because the breakup was so difficult and they simply need a bit of time to gather themselves or it can be because they feel they can never replace the one they’ve lost. Luckily a sex doll can be a perfect replacement or solution to what can be either a temporary or permanent problem. Continue reading Sex Dolls For Divorcees And Widowers

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Are Sex Dolls Legal?

Sex dolls per se are legal in the UK, most of Europe, the US, Canada, Australia etc. However, there are a couple of legal issues around the topic of sex dolls. The first, and most notable, being centred on the perceived “age” of the doll and whether small ones can be deemed representative of children. The second revolving around the renting out of Sex Dolls or, as the media, has labelled it sex doll brothels. Continue reading Are Sex Dolls Legal?

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The Sex Doll Podcast – Episode 5 (Emotional Intelligence)

Transcript: Hi guys, I haven’t done a podcast for a little while and I often hear people apologising for that kind of thing and they say “Ooh, I haven’t done it” you know and I guess they just prioritised elsewhere. The reason I haven’t done the podcast is probably because I started to overcomplicate it in my mind and I wanted to talk about a particular topic, which is the topic of emotional intelligence. It’s a really large topic and I really wanted to do it justice, I really wanted to go into depth and give some real good information about that but the more I started to think about it and tried to think about what I would talk about I got in deeper and deeper. So I think rather than waiting to do the perfect piece I’m just gonna get into it right now. Continue reading The Sex Doll Podcast – Episode 5 (Emotional Intelligence)

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The Sexdoll Podcast – Episode 4 (Resolutions, Growth and MGTOW)

Transcript: Hi guys, I hope you’re all well today. It’s New Years Eve right now and tomorrow of course will be New Years day. So if you’re listening to this on New Years day then Happy New Year to you. I would like to break from the previous formats of the podcast, where I did Sex Dolls news, some feedback, things that were going on with the business and I would just like to talk about a single issue. I want to touch upon it because it’s a very large topic and it will take a lot of discussion and I know it might rile a few people up even and we may get some negative feedback for thi. I’m not expecting it, I don’t want it and if it comes obviously we’re going to look at it. I’m going to try and treat this matter as delicately as I can. So first I’m going to say that it’s very good timing because it’s New Year, and at New Year we all commonly make resolutions and also more commonly we feel to realise these resolutions. Continue reading The Sexdoll Podcast – Episode 4 (Resolutions, Growth and MGTOW)

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The Sex Doll Podcast – Episode 3 (Women vs Sex Dolls)

Transcript: Good evening guys, I hope you’re all doing very well. This is the third episode of the Sex Doll Podcast from Love Doll UK. I’d like to start with a roundup of the news, I’ve picked three stories. The first one is a story from Sputnik news. It’s a Russian media organization with offices around the world, and they have website visits around 75 million per month. It’s quite a substantial publication if you will. The title is sex doll Harmony’s sensory upgrades’ certain to freak you out. Essentially this is about the RealDoll or the spinoff company Realbotix, and it’s their flagship product Harmony. Continue reading The Sex Doll Podcast – Episode 3 (Women vs Sex Dolls)