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WM 161cm G Cup – 2 Bodies Confusion

A few people have asked us about this issue. Strangely enough, none of them have been our customers and are seeking advice from elsewhere. The basic issue is the fact that there are two different bodies with the label WM 161cm G Cup but people haven’t been made aware of this. For some background information when a new doll is created, a single mold is generally made and used to produce all orders for that body. If the body becomes very popular then a bit of a queue can develop and delays might occur. When this happens the decision to make a second mold is often made. Generally, this second mold is good and differences between the two are generally not noticeable unless you’re really looking for them. Continue reading WM 161cm G Cup – 2 Bodies Confusion

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Sex Dolls And PTSD

I became aware of the healing properties of sex dolls very early on in the business when one of our first customers got his first girlfriend in his late 30’s. That was a pivotal moment for me and I realised this was more than just a business, it was a force for good in helping heal the many many men out there who need it. I regularly talk with guys who’ve got one problem or another and following a discussion about male and female power dynamics in a relationship, I got an email from a gentleman suffering with a complex PTSD. I’m not sure why and I didn’t pry but he told me how he believed his sex doll had saved his marriage. Continue reading Sex Dolls And PTSD

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Why We’re Not Offering Implanted Hair

There have been a lot of developments over the years but not all of them are a good idea. A recent development, that we’re actually not going to offer, is implanted hair. Although it looks good, there are a few downsides. One the head itself has to be made out of much firmer TPE, almost like a silicone, in order to hold the hair in place. Now this defeats the object of getting a TPE head as people go for this material because it’s so soft. Second, there’s the problem of what happens if some of the hair falls out? Continue reading Why We’re Not Offering Implanted Hair

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Why Sex Dolls Are Made In China

First, not all sex dolls are made in China. Some are made in America, with a few smaller projects around Europe and Russia. However, the vast majority of them are made in the Far East. The Americans create high end dolls on a much smaller scale that the Chinese. The market in America is so large that if done well these are likely to survive but it seems near impossible to compete at the mid range or with any real numbers. Many American companies have gone out of business over the years, or licensed their production to the Chinese whereas the number of Chinese ones seems to increase each year. Continue reading Why Sex Dolls Are Made In China

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Sex Doll Pubic Hair

Yes, you can actually customise this part of your doll. Wether you like a big bush or a freshly shaved landing pad, your rubber lover can oblige. Currently about 99% of dolls going out are bald down there. There are a number of reasons for this, in that it’s a bit more fashionable for a lady to be a bit tidier down there and in porn, at least, it’s certainly more common to be fully shaven. If these dolls had come out in the 60’s then maybe we’d be the other way and a bush extending right round the back of the arse might be the way. Continue reading Sex Doll Pubic Hair

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Why We Don’t Have A Showroom

For the first couple of years we did have one. We had a lot of dolls set up and available for anyone to come and view. However, nobody came to see them. OK, we had a couple of people a month and out of those the odd one would actually go on to buy a doll but the time and cost involved in maintaining a showroom and the fact that it didn’t seem to be a big part of the buying decision process for people meant it wasn’t really worth it. It seemed that, at this point in the industry, people simply weren’t that bothered about a physical inspection. In the future it may be different and I always envisaged Continue reading Why We Don’t Have A Showroom

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Forget Women, Buy a Sex Doll Robot

In the early sex doll days, the best you could hope for was a plastic inflatable in the vague shape of a woman with some kind of indentation in which your todger could run the sharpest of gauntlets. As men and, especially, young men our pervasive sex drives really weren’t prepared to accept such a poor substitute and so pioneers all over the world began putting their creative genius to the truest male task of all – recreating the female form for the single purpose of satisfactory sexual gratification… and yes! before you ask, I’m going to credit the modern sex doll to the creative genius of all men!!! Continue reading Forget Women, Buy a Sex Doll Robot

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Sex Doll Buyers Guide

There are a few things you need to consider when buying a sex doll. First of all, you need to consider if you really should buy one. For the purposes of this article I’m going to assume you’ve already considered this and have decided it’s the right thing for you (if you haven’t, then read this article first). Next you need to consider the following things: Continue reading Sex Doll Buyers Guide

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Sex Doll Podcast #6 – Interview With Dean Bevan

Transcript: Hello everybody. Today we have a special guest with us. He was one of our early customers and has gone on to get in adult in a big way. I guess it just clicked for him. We’ve had some conversations over the years, and his thoughts echo a lot of mine. But perhaps the most important thing about Dean is, one he’s a regular guy, and two, he’s very open about his experience and willing to talk about this. And this is really important for the industry, because there are some people out there not painting the industry in a good light. So I’m really happy to have him with us, and to give you the ambassador that is Dean Bevan. Continue reading Sex Doll Podcast #6 – Interview With Dean Bevan

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How To Store Your Sex Doll / Robot

Now that Sex Dolls and robots are common place, many different types of people own them for many different reasons. Some people live alone, some with friends and some with family. Some friends are understanding and some are not and the same goes for family. Sometimes, wives are perfectly happy with their husbands new hobby, sometimes they tolerate it and sometimes you’ll end up getting divorced if she found you’d even thought about a sex doll. So we need to consider a couple of things, how to store and where to store. Continue reading How To Store Your Sex Doll / Robot

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Sex Doll Stuck In Customs

So you’ve ordered a doll and feel pretty good about yourself. She’s been made at the factory and has shipped out. So far, life is great and then Customs gets involved and dammit! everything grinds to a halt or is suddenly not so straight forward. Well, thankfully, this doesn’t happen too often and if you’re dealing with a legitimate company, then parcels will likely sail through the process or be delayed by just a few days Continue reading Sex Doll Stuck In Customs

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Waiting For Your Sex Doll Delivery

So you’ve taken the plunge and bought a doll. You may have seen a documentary, gone online and placed the order in a short space of time, or you may have been lurking around dolls for years until you’ve finally had the funds or courage to do it. First thing I’d say is congratulations. You’re on your way to either an increased sexual freedom or a better level of emotional intimacy, or hopefully both. Continue reading Waiting For Your Sex Doll Delivery

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Can I Borrow Your Sex Robot

Generally speaking you wouldn’t let someone borrow your girlfriend and by that, I mean let someone else have sex with her. Now, I accept that there are some people out there who are into that kind of thing and that swinging and dogging are probably on the rise. However, there are too many complications with running a spousal timeshare – like emotional fallout, health implications and simple logistics – who’s bed do they use, do you get to watch and that kind of thing. Continue reading Can I Borrow Your Sex Robot

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Celebrity Sex Robots

It’s been my pleasure over the years to witness the growth and change of the area, industry and idea of celebrity. Increasing numbers of people are becoming recognised for their talents, hard work or simple craziness and this brings with it increasing diversity in their attitudes and behaviours. The most interesting and valuable types of celebrity are those who push against social norms, who refuse to conform and who present themselves as they truly are. Continue reading Celebrity Sex Robots

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Attaching A Sex Doll Head

Our TPE dolls from WM, YL and OR Dolls all come with M16 bolt sockets. On the head it can be found on the underside (where the neck would go) and on the body it is found at the top of the neck. An M16 bolt is a standardised bolt with a 2mm pitch (the distance in between the threads/lines on the bold) and a diameter of 0.6299 inches. The great thing about them being standardised is that it’s easier to replace the bolts or invent something new if you want – like an adaptor for another body. Continue reading Attaching A Sex Doll Head

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I’m Looking For A Particular Doll

Once or twice a week we get an email from a customer asking for a specific set of characteristics on a doll. This can be anything from a rough height range, bust size and skin colour to a full list of exact requirements. In this case, I tell them to visit the doll pages and use the filters to narrow down the options and then select the one you want. Continue reading I’m Looking For A Particular Doll

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Losing Your Virginity To A Sex Robot

Back in the old days, life was simple. You went to school, you got a job for life, you got married and you had kids. That generally meant you were guaranteed to have sex before you were 18. These days though, life is different: we don’t settle down as early, we’re more self involved with social media and we don’t drink as much alcohol. Things like daily stress, social anxiety and general distrust of others is on the rise and all of a sudden Continue reading Losing Your Virginity To A Sex Robot

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Sex Robots And Virtual Reality (VR Porn)

Sex Robots And VR Porn

It seems that two of the best sexual fantasies are finally upon us. Sex Dolls have already reached an acceptable level of realism and the market itself has a good level of public awareness and acceptability. Virtual reality is in a similar phase offering affordable, advanced headsets and, most importantly, a large amount of high quality vr porn. The question is where are both of these technologies going and how will they combine? Continue reading Sex Robots And Virtual Reality (VR Porn)

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Sex Dolls For Divorcees And Widowers

We get so many men talking to us who are divorced or widowed and just can’t face going back out there and meeting another person. It can be because the breakup was so difficult and they simply need a bit of time to gather themselves or it can be because they feel they can never replace the one they’ve lost. Luckily a sex doll can be a perfect replacement or solution to what can be either a temporary or permanent problem. Continue reading Sex Dolls For Divorcees And Widowers

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Are Sex Dolls Legal?

last updated 29 May 2019

Sex dolls per se are legal in the UK, most of Europe, the US, Canada, Australia etc. However, there are a couple of legal issues around the topic of sex dolls. The first, and most notable, being centred on the perceived “age” of the doll and whether small ones can be deemed representative of children. The second revolving around the renting out of Sex Dolls or, as the media, has labelled it sex doll brothels. Continue reading Are Sex Dolls Legal?