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Sex Dolls have come a log way since we were the first to introduce them to the uk over 4 years ago. The most popular of these are the soft rubber type that feel incredible to the touch and offer a great level of realism.

We’re continually bringing new models to the market and adding new features and services along the way. Has the time come for you to have a rubber lover?

Latest Robot Sex Dolls

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, sex robots are starting to hit the scene. These dolls are the same as regular dolls but have increased movement, speech and AI functionality. There’s a lot of media hype on these, especially with Whitney Cummings now being immortalised and pushed to the forefront of the scene with her own robotic replica.

Many of you will be quite happy with your dolls, that don’t move or talk but some of you will either want to take it to the next level, or it may simply be this level of reality is what has recently brought you here.

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The Sex Doll Vagina

The sex doll vagina is the perfect way to test if a doll is really for you or not. On top of that, it’s also a great standalone masturbator. No more lonely nights for you as you’re finally taking action on that problem that’s been dogging you for so long.

Our Thoughts: There’s so much going on in the realistic sex doll world these days. When we were the first in the uk to start this business many thought we were crazy and here we are with one thing in the news after the other and a multitude of companies trying to get in on the game – even the likes of Bondara and Lovehoney now trying their luck. We took delivery of the first sex robot some months back and we were heralded as the first sex doll brothel in the UK when we ran our try before you buy scheme. Many now realise, as we always have, that a love doll is such an important purchase that you need a company that knows the product, the relationship you’ll have with it, is able to support you and make sure that it’s not a disappointing experience due to poor quality or lack of knowledge. The Lovedoll UK Team

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