Want a doll?

Sex dolls are becoming an increasingly important outlet for many people. We all need love and are often too busy to achieve it. Even frustrated prison inmates, like Jack Swarez, are currently crying out for them and a sex doll brothel or two has started to appear (even one brothel buys a second doll). The increasing realism and availability means there’s no reason why you should go without. With the increasing popularity of male dolls we’re also happy to have some offerings in that department with adjustable penis size (no, we don’t sell the Justin Bieber sex doll, lol).

They’re now so beautiful, ultra realistic, available at reasonable prices and able to fulfil all of your sexual fantasies and emotional needs. Whether you’re taking a break from relationships, are a healing or grieving widower, have never had a relationship or would actually like a second sex doll, you can rest assured that we’ve already sold sex dolls to 1000’s of happy customers across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world and we’d love you to start this journey too. So get straight in and buy one of our pre-configured dolls, or take more control and build your own being completely sure of our discreet service and if you’d like to learn a bit more first, check out our blog.

All of our ladies come with free shipping to anywhere in the world and we also pay all customs charges through the UK and Europe so you can rest assured that the price you see is the price you pay. We have active pages on the UK love doll forum and The Doll Forum so you can read all about us and what we get up to. We sell TPE sex dolls from WM Doll, YL Doll and OR Doll. We also have the odd silicone doll in our used dolls section.

Not Ready For A Doll? Try One Of Our Sex Doll Vaginas
One of the best ways to see what it’s like having sex with a doll, not to mention if you’ve just stumbled upon us and aren’t ready for a full size, real sex doll just yet, is to buy one of our Sex Doll Vaginas.

They’re made from the same material as our sex dolls so you’ll get the chance to see what a doll feels like and get a great sex toy in one purchase.

We know that this can be quite an emotional issue, so it’s also a great way to start a trusting relationship with us and let’s face it, there’s a big amount of trust required here and we’d love to gain yours. Check out the quality and the service and be confident that you’re off to a great start.

sex robot customiserJust in case you’ve actually read this far, we’d also like to tell you about the exciting sex robots that we have coming your way. No they’re not ready to mow the lawn or cook you dinner. They are already able to stand and we’re working on the movement side but it’s still a little way off. What we do have coming any day now is a robotic head with eye and mouth movement along with some nice little talking action – who said we just want our sexual partners to lie there and say nothing right?