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“There’s so much going on in the sex doll world these days. When we were the first in the uk to start this business many thought we were crazy and here we are with one thing in the news after the other and a multitude of companies trying to get in on the game.

We were heralded as the first in the UK to launch a sex doll brothel and now there’s talk of sex robot brothels and is it classed as cheating? Another fledgling company is doing the media rounds right now as the first sex doll rental company as well as recreating your dead spouse. Funnily enough, we’ve been doing those things for 3 years

Many now realise, as we always have, that a love doll is such an important purchase that you need a company that knows the product, the relationship you’ll have with it, is able to support you and make sure that it’s not a disappointing experience due to poor quality or lack of knowledge”

The Lovedoll UK Team