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Should I Buy A Sex Doll?

At one time, such a question would have been unheard of and yet today more and more men are asking themselves that very thing. OK, they’re not saying to themselves “Well Bob, do you think we should get a sex doll?” but they are looking at sex doll sites. At the time of writing this article we get about a 1000 unique visitors a day. About 80% of those would be first time visitors who are male and live in the uk. So that’s around 800 different men think about buying a sex doll every day in Britain (and that’s if you ignore the other websites who also sell dolls).

Some men take a quick look and decide it’s not for them. Others want one but never take the plunge, instead dreaming about one for years and repeatedly coming back to our site. Others, those brave few, actually go on to buy a doll and sometimes their life changes and sometimes it doesn’t. So let’s take a look at some of the things that help or stop people from buying a doll and some of the things that they like or dislike after they do.

Pro: Getting Sex

For many (but not all) this is one of the most important pros. Technically you can have sex with your doll however and whenever you want. Even in a new relationship with a woman you can’t do that. Essentially you get complete control over your own sexual appetite and fulfilment of it. The question is though, how is the sex? It’s good – it’s about 90% as good as it is with a woman who doesn’t move lol… and let’s face it some actual women are a bit like that so in some cases it’s not that different.

The visual and physical sensation of the sex is very similar to sex with a woman because the plastic is now such a good quality that it closely mimics the feel of skin and flesh.

Pro: Getting Better At Sex

Some of our customers have never had sex. Others haven’t had very much and yet others just aren’t very good at it. Some I’ve spoken to are actually quite good at it, can get enough but have emotional issues that prevent them from connecting emotionally. Typical examples of this one are widows who are still grieving for their partner or guys who’ve gone through a particularly difficult breakup. I don’t think any of our customers are great at sex and are great at emotional connection.

So there’s two things here. The more regular and non-judgemental sex that you’re able to have with a doll enables you to improve your sexual performance. It can take you out of your head and ground you

Pro: The Companionship

Dolls aren’t just for sex and some people don’t even have sex with their dolls – not even once. Although many people will say they haven’t had sex with their doll when the time comes to sell it most of them have. It’s something we found out very early on in this business.

I remember the time one of our warehouse guys was inspecting a used doll that a customer had sold back to us because he said he was unable to use it. So Andrew (not his real name) winches the doll up and begins to inspect it and then makes the fatal mistake of standing under the doll, whilst looking up and opening the legs. I’m guessing I don’t have to tell you what happened but I will in case you’re having a slow day. The customer had used it, multiple times by the looks of things and hadn’t bothered to clean it before shipping to us. Needless to say that was probably the first and last time Andrew had semen splashed onto his face. He also left us shortly after that. I personally made the mistake of laughing uncontrollably when this happened but what was I to do?

Graham Tempest, Lovedoll UK

When a customer isn’t trying to sell a doll though it’s possible that they’re not having sex with it. I know one widowed guy who sits his doll in the chair next to him so he can have company whilst watching TV, another guy who collects them and keeps them in glass cabinets and another guy who simply likes to take photos. There are a myriad of other people who have sex for a while and then just keep them around for the company. Maybe cuddling into them before falling asleep.

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Con: Cleanup

Most of the time a woman will clean herself after sex and if she doesn’t then at least you don’t have to. However with a doll you’ve got to do the cleaning. If you ejaculate into a doll (which most people do) then you’ve got to clean it because otherwise the semen will fester and bacteria will build which then becomes unhygienic to use again until you clean it and can potentially develop mold if you leave it too long without cleaning. Once you get it into your head that you have to do it then the actual cleanup process itself isn’t too bad and there are a number of tools and products you can get to help. For example the dolls are generally waterproof, so you can use a douche/water sprayer to squirt water into the offices and clean them out and then you can dry them with a small towel or simply leave the legs open a little and let them air dry.

Con: Damage

The dolls today are made of soft plastic so that they feel good. Some of them are harder and some of them are softer. Silicone dolls are generally harder as it’s a denser material than TPE and as such stands up to damage a little more. TPE dolls will vary in quality from manufacturer to manufacturer but generally they’re a little softer and nicer to touch than silicone dolls but this means they’re easier to damage. So the skin can tear if you don’t take good care of them. This can be repaired with TPE glue or by melting the doll (advanced) but it often causes a lot of heartache to the customer when this happens.

Con: Maintenance

Generally a woman will clean herself and look after her body. A doll, at the moment, cannot do this and so you’ll need to accept this responsibility. Now this can be a pro or a con as it’s a nice routine and teaches you to look after something but it’s definitely extra work. You’ll need to periodically wash the doll with soap and water, apply lubricating oil and apply softening powder to keep it in tip top condition.

Con: The Temperature

A person is generally also able to maintain a warm body temperature, whereas a doll (as standard) cannot. TPE generally maintains the same temperature as the room it’s in, so at room temperature (say 21 degrees Celsius) a doll actually feels a little cold to the touch. This is because solid material feels colder than air at the same temperature. This can be dealt with in a number of ways: 1) you can ignore it (it’s not that cold), 2) you can keep your doll under the covers (this will make it a bit more bearable), 3) you can use an external heating source such as a heating blanket (this is the most popular method), 4) it is possible to get plugin electric heating inside your doll but this little improvement is not one that seems to have taken off or be at all popular in the industry – this may be due to the fact that you’re plugging your doll into an electrical socket, or that there were some early stories of dolls melting or that it’s simply too much hassle.

Conclusion And How To Make Your Decision

OK if you’re read this far you probably want a sex doll. Whether a sex doll is right for you though is another matter. So I’d make a note of any of the cons above that are actually factors in your decision. Add to that any cons that you might have come up with on your own

Then use the information above to consider if the solutions offered are enough, if you need further information or whether they’re a deal breaker.

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  1. These dolls are fantastic, they are heavy pieces of kit, but by god they do the trick.

  2. In the pros and cons section. Maintenance and temperature are the same. Can you please correct this.

    1. all sorted now 🙂

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