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New Hand Skeleton

For a long time there has been some debate around our dolls hand skeletons.

Originally, if they weren’t treated with extreme care the fingers could snap.

To deal with this, the factory started to use thicker gauge wire and this helped a lot.

However, we were still getting the occasional report of broken fingers.

At this stage we would advise customers to either put  fingerless lace gloves on the dolls hands as this would give them the root stability to maintain position.

Another alternative was to remove the broken wires altogether. This was best done by removing a finger nail, pulling the wire out through the skin and then replacing the nail, so that no repair was really needed as the hole would be under the nail.

There’s been more debate on this for a while until finally, the factory have come up with an actual hand skeleton.

As you can see the results are amazing and we’re hoping to get feedback from some of our early customer adopters as soon as we can


2 thoughts on “New Hand Skeleton

  1. This does indeed look amazing. When will it be available on new dolls? Is there any possibility of doing a retro fit on dolls with damaged fingers?

    1. it’s available to order one new dolls starting now

      I guess you could put the skeleton in an old doll, the only issue may be the connection to the wrist – it may be welded

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