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Worried About Manufacturing Defects?

terrified customer

Over the last few days I’ve received a number of comments and messages regarding our recent posts showing some product defects. Some messages have been encouraging, others have warned us that it might cost us business, others have been worried that their doll might have an issue.

Thank you for these articles, I really appreciate LoveDoll.UK’s honest and no-nonsense approach regarding these product defects. Does the increasing number of these kinds of stories mean that there is a decline in the production standards on the manufacturer’s side? (I refer to the problems with the loosen legs mentioned in earlier articles) I hope not.

customer with existing order, from Hungary

So let me address that one. No, there’s not drop in production standards. If anything there’s been a constant improvement since the day we opened our doors. Bear in mind that we’ve sold way over a 1000 dolls (I’ll have to do a proper count one day) and about 95% of the time we get a simple “I’m so happy” message from the customer. 4% of the time we might get a “oh, I’ve got a small problem”, which we can generally sort out with some simple advice and maybe 1% of the time we get an issue that requires action. We’re always fair though so even if this happens you should be ok.

Kudos for trying to repair your brand new doll, but this should not happen when ordering an A brand doll. Seems like a problem with quality control.


This was a comment on the website that we didn’t publish because the poster hasn’t bought a product from us or indicated that they will so I’m always dubious of first contact being a negative comment (although pleasantly phrased) as we have some rather lively competitors I have to keep an eye on. I do take the point that you wouldn’t want a defect on a new doll (in this case loose head socket) and some people would request a replacement., whereas others are more handy and would simply prefer to do a small repair than go through the hassle of replacement.

” just a quick email of constructive criticism from one business owner to another! Your approach with clear transparency and broken parts really doesn’t look good and Im sure this could be costing you business. Im sure there’s a lot of proactive approaches you could take, rather than potentially scaring customers into the belief it could break, when they have invested quite a bit of money in the product.”


This one is a bit different as the customer appears not have purchased from us and only just come across our blogs. My thought is that he’s thinking about us more now than he was before, so personally I think this is exactly the way to go. This industry is such a nervous one and many customers don’t buy for many years because they’re not sure if the doll will be up to standard. We try to combat that by giving you a very real picture of the situation and allowing you to make an informed choice. We’re not here to pull the wool over anyones eyes, we’re here to open your eyes and show you how truly wonderful getting a high quality doll can be.

Feel free to keep the feedback coming. We leave most posts up unless it appears spammy, purely negative or links to other sites (we’re not a backlink service).


6 thoughts on “Worried About Manufacturing Defects?

  1. Hi Graham,
    unfortunately with the threads disappearing from the forums it also means that the more rational responses such as my own were also taken down.
    The incident that people were talking about was an issue with TPE of one specific doll at a time of a perfect storm. Very soft TPE blend of what seemed to be the first batch after an extended lockdown due to Covid-19 on a body that to my mind was never designed for softer TPE.
    With large boobs they are made lighter by now being air filled so there is no pressure on the shoulders and arm pits but a heavy girl with a larger stomach and soft blend TPE seems to me to be the issue.
    Many of these bodies were originally designed to work with the older rubber type TPE (which I actually like) and changing the blend changes how they need to cast the girls and the model in question.
    With the mildly pregnant body the stomach area needs to have the same treatment as the boobs and to have an air sack created to reduce the weight and pressure on shoulders and thighs. If fact, with that one its pulling everything above the stomach and pushing down on everything below it.
    BUT… I swear by Jinsan girls. as you know I have bought two from you and have four others from other sources. I have seen their TPE develop from rubber to near as damn it human. I know personally the designer of the top sellers (157B, 166C, 172B, etc.) and the effort that goes into getting every little thing just perfect for the end user. I know Jinsan’s pursuit of perfection and appreciate how much they put into R&D in an industry where so many put in nothing and simply copy their designs.
    By choice I will always buy Jinsan… Have to say that as after five WM’s I went wild and bought a YL as the last one.
    An analogy that I have used before is to think of Jinsan like BMW. They make absolutely fantastic cars but very occasionally they make a pup. What sets them apart is what they do when a car with issues gets past quality control. So it is with Jinsan.
    In this instance the girl in question seemed perfect when she left the factory and the issues only became apparent after a couple of months. I know that both they and yourself have immediately got involved to resolve the issue which is nobody’s fault and I for one do not hold WM or indeed LDUK in any less esteem than I did previously.
    I for one am a very happy long term customer of Jinsan and will certainly buy their products from yourself again (your order to delivery system is a work of art).

    1. Yeah, that one you are referring to should not have been pulled from the forum but I guess it’s a matter of brand protection. I have my own thoughts on the matter that are likely completely different to what’s being said but I’ll be able to confirm that next week. It will be a difficult subject to broach and might meet resistance and backlash but I’ll do my best.

  2. I think it is good that you are.posting..
    I own 2 silicone I bought from you and once given a free tpe doll from you so I know you are a honest.vendor…I am planning on buying a wm doll in the future when this covid virus is sorted out in future and checking reviews and good pictures and honest comments about possible issues is.important to me.
    Saving up and buying a doll can be a exciting time.
    Looking forward to doing business with love dolls in the future.

  3. I’m very much in favour of suppliers being up-front. Hopefully not many dolls leave the factory with faults, but on the long journey to the buyer things can happen. That was one reason I bought the flight case as well. To contradict Brian, it gives me confidence as a customer. So many companies ignore, dispute or refuse to deal with problems.

  4. I recently received Bailey and am very pleased with her, no obvious defects, but perhaps a little bit of a learning curve on how best to take care of her.
    The only thing worthy of note is her weight, at 33kgs its in line with a real woman of her dimensions, which is fine by me. But of course its dead weight so moving her around takes strength and some aforethought to avoid any potential mishap.
    I would agree with criticism about saying too much about negative issues with the dolls though, it concerned me reading about them after having spent a fair sum.
    Best to focus on your support and service if issues were to be encountered by a customer, honesty is great, but unduly sowing the seeds of doubt isn’t.

  5. Transparency is key, and you’ve shown you’re more than willing to help out with issues and concerns.
    Highly recommendable for that part.

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