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My Doll Doesn’t Look Like The Pictures

For us this isn’t something that comes up too often. However, after speaking with a customer today who was unhappy with the skin tone of the doll I thought it would be a good idea to share some thoughts and information with you guys.

The Difference Between Stock Photos And Factory Photos

First, to explain the difference between stock pics and factory pics. Stock pics are the ones we have in our pre-configured dolls section. These pictures are taken by professional photographers, who may purchase a random wig and outfit and take the doll to a location just to take photos. They will use professional lighting and may recolour the image in a professional photography program. This makes the dolls look the best they can for each photo.

Contrast this with the factory pics. These are the exact same dolls but they are generally naked, not professionally posed, with regular factory lighting and photographed using one of the workers phones. They’re generally sat on tables with the legs up and out in front, rather than with the legs dropping over the side of the table to give a more natural look. With them sitting as well, the hips may appear bigger than if she was standing – this is the case, of course for women too – for example a woman may look to have a nice tidy ass but if she’s bent over and you see it from behind it may appear to double in size. So the dolls won’t look quite as professional as the other pics and may look different in general but take these factors into consideration and you should feel fine about it.

Here’s the thing though, although the factory pics probably look only 90% as good as the stock pics, when you receive the doll, you’ll generally think that it looks better than the stock pics. The reason for this is that pictures are 2D and a doll is 3D – real so to speak. Imagine looking at a picture of a model – pretty exciting right? Now imagine, that same model walked in front of you. Will she look like her studio pics? Not quite but which will excite you more? The model in person! Also, as you get to touch and have sex with this model, you’ll soon find that it’s infinitely better.

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What If I Receive A Different Doll Altogether

Ok, now with us, this is practically impossible because we confirm the order with you before sending to the factory and then we show you pics prior to shipping. Our process is automated so there’s no way for a mix up.

However, if you’ve ordered elsewhere and your doll looks different to the pictures there can be a few reasons for this

  • Counterfeits – the company maybe using our pics, or someone elses pics and then sending you their own copy/conterfeit version of the doll. Counterfeits are starting to look pretty good, so if you’re not experienced in the industry, you may not even realise that’s what you’ve got. The problem with counterfeits is that the skin material and internal skeleton are generally a much lower standard. This affects your enjoyment of the doll as well as reducing it’s lifespan – it will pick up damage more easily (skin tears more easily and bones, especially the back, can often snap).
  • Bait and switch – this was a lot more common a few years ago but does still goes on. This is when a company sells you a doll based upon a set of pictures but then sends you a completely different doll. They do this because they generally cut corners, have little revenue and therefore can’t afford to take good pictures of their dolls. They’re also being deliberately fraudulent in an attempt to make some quick money. The problem with these companies is that they cannot build a brand so are never successful longterm. That doesn’t stop lots of them springing up and shutting down.

Now I don’t want to be one of those companies, who tells you everyone is rubbish and that you should avoid them or be ripped off because that is obviously not the case. However, the best advice to avoid either of these is to ensure your seller has a good brand, big presence and a good reputation. Finding a doll for half the price on an unknown website is generally never as good as it sounds.

2 thoughts on “My Doll Doesn’t Look Like The Pictures

  1. Sorry made a mess of the last comment. As I said the pictures in the gallery were great. But what realy impressed me were the repair video’s I was complely distracted by how realistic the skin and bodies of the dolls were and it was the same with the head’s.

  2. Funnily enourght while I was impressed with the pictures in the gallery the thing that realy impressed me was the video of the repairs. While the dolls were been repaired i was completly realistic the shape of the dolls and the skin looked.

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