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Sex Doll Buyers Guide

There are a few things you need to consider when buying a sex doll. First of all, you need to consider if you really should buy one. For the purposes of this article I’m going to assume you’ve already considered this and have decided it’s the right thing for you (if you haven’t, then read this article first). Next you need to consider the following things:

Originally dolls came only in the blow up variety. These were like flat packed human shaped beach balls that you blew up into a rough approximation of a woman. Some creative guys began to want a little more substance and started to over-clock store mannequins and add rubber vaginas to them. Then at some point after that some clever guys got the idea of making dolls out of silicone and so the doll industry was truly born. Since then there have been a large number of innovations and a large number of materials in which you can buy your plastic partner 🙂

So you now have the choice of:

Each of these have their advantages and disadvantages.

Blowup dolls are very cheap and easy to store. However the physical reality is proportionate to the price. Put simply you know you’re banging a blow up. You can however close your eyes and go through the physical motions (grinding) of sex and it is indeed more fulfilling that masturbation or a sex toy. There are also certain upgrades available to inflatables, such as the/silicone heads, hands, feet and vaginas that increase the pleasure.

Foam dolls are a relatively new technology which allow the doll to be incredibly light and also look very realistic. A company called CandyEighteen were the first to really do this but they closed their doors a few years back. Probably due to the fact that the owners weren’t as dedicated to the cause as they could have been, rather than for lack of demand. DS dolls announced their ex lite range shortly after that and have been moderately successful with them. They have a core following of customers who value a lightweight solution over other features. There’s a definite lack of realism to foam dolls as their lack of weight creates a lack of reality, however if you’re a photographer then they can be the perfect solution.

Fabric dolls are another relatively new addition to the doll world. They’re effectively giant sex teddy bears in the shape of ladies. There are a few companies making these in China and USA. They range from cartoonish, weird looking things to very realistic looking. Again the advantage of these is that they are lightweight and, with some of them at least, they look great. In a sense they also combine the aspect of cuddling a teddy, with the companionship and sexual ability of a woman. Again, these are a bit more niche than the rest of the market but they seem to have a core following.

TPE dolls followed directly on the heals of silicone dolls when Chinese companies sought to reproduce expensive silicone dolls with a cheaper material. These are by far the most popular types of dolls available on the market today and probably outsell silicone dolls 50 to 1. The advantage of them is that they are ultra realistic in both appearance and feel. The softness of the TPE material compared to silicone makes them better suited to the task of sex, because they feel softer and nicer to touch and hold. The downside is that they can not quite hold the level of detail that a silicone doll can and they’re not as hard wearing, i.e. they’re a little easier to damage.

Silicone dolls would be classed by many as the pinnacle of the industry, however for the reasons mentioned above they actually don’t sell that well. They’re harder than the TPE dolls but can actually look a lot better with the level of detail they’re able to hold. The thing is though that TPE dolls hold such a level of realism that the extra gains in silicone are seen by many to not be worth the extra hardness and price tag. Yes, in general they’re more expensive than their TPE counterparts. This is because silicone as a material is more expensive than TPE.

The Material Quality

Ok, so we have many types of material and you may have easily decided upon one by reading the above. However, I’m about to complicate it a little more (sorry). Within each type of material you also have a range of quality to those materials. This will often be down to the density or thickness (amount) of the material used. To explain this I’ll talk about blow up dolls and, quite crudely, the lilos you used to have when on holiday as a kid (you probably have to be over the age of 25 to remember these). When this phenomenon first started we all bought those cheap lilos down at the beach and paid a couple hundred pesatas (old Spanish currency) but even on a two week holiday they’d burst and the edges were sometimes so sharp that you’d pick up random cuts on your body. Then, if you were really lucky, at some point your parents paid a little more and bought the luxury version – ooh this one seemed much more solid, thicker and the surface was like velvet. Now maybe this wasn’t everyones childhood memory but hopefully it gives you the idea of what I’m talking about.

So within each material you will generally see a large divergence in the price range and this, generally, relates directly to the quality of that material. This will impact both how it feels to the touch and how long it will last. Another factor is also how much easier the more expensive ones to fix are.

How Much You Can Afford / Are You Willing To Pay

The next thing you’ll want to consider is your budget. For this, you’ll be in one of two camps – you’ll either have a certain amount of money available to spend or you’ll have sufficient funds but will need to decide how much you want to spend.

The most practical approach to this would be to make some initial small purchases. For example you could buy a blow up sex doll to see if the concept would work for you or you could buy a sex doll vagina to see if you like the TPE experience.

If you’ve already decided on the material you want then you’ll need to decide if you want a lower end or higher end version of that product.

Where Are You Going To Buy It

When we were the first company to set up in the UK, choice was a little limited. However there are now around 20 online UK retailers of sex dolls as well as a growing number of sex shops where you can buy them. Some of these have consciously positioned themselves at a certain point in the market and are growing reputable retailers, others have simply hoped there was an opportunity to grab a slice of the pie with mee too copy cat actions.

The former type have really helped to open up the market and make the industry more socially acceptable and available. The latter type do not really offer a contribution to the industry and instead feed off it, however they do have their place and can be beneficial to the customer, in that they’ll come in at a cheaper price point or be willing to negotiate a better price to secure any business they can.

The other thing you need to consider is whether you want an ongoing relationship with your supplier or if it’s just a one off thing and you don’t care about that. Some of the more established companies will likely have additional products, services and be able to support you more than others.

Finally I don’t want to be the guy who tries to scare you into not buying elsewhere but there are a few scam sites out there who will send you a counterfeit doll or even an entirely different one than that which you ordered. Probably the best way to avoid this is just make some basic checks like do they have a physical presence, like an actual UK address and phone number and some kind of independent review system like Trustpilot (otherwise the reviews are likely made up). Note that if their prices are half that of trusted vendors, you probably haven’t stumble upon a lucky bargain.

Now, I’m guessing you might have some final questions you want answered at this stage so the best thing you can do right now is…

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  1. Sexbots ~ the ultimate payback.
    What lengths will true vaginas now go to, to regain the upper hand.
    For men to stay ahead of the game, harming a sexbot out of feeling peeved
    needs to be classified as ABH, GBH, Manslaughter and Murder.
    After all, they’re harming our best chance of love !!

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