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Broken Head Socket

broken head socket

We delivered a doll to a customer today and they were super happy but the head connector had broken. They told us that they were going to super glue it and see how they got on. If it becomes too much of a problem, I’m sure we can replace this but he asked if we had any suggestions if that didn’t work. I’ve only seen this once before a long time ago and I can’t even remember what I did to fix it.

Has anyone experienced this who has a better memory than me?


10 thoughts on “Broken Head Socket

  1. if you use a resin or any other type of glue on the head socket will it stop the head from moving left to right or up and down if i was me i would ask for a replacement head as once it is broken it will always be broken

    1. Hi Yoda.
      No it won’t. The resin is to secure the M16 nut in place. As I detailed below one needs to ensure that no resin ends up on the thread and I give instructions for how to avoid that.
      The head will be absolutely fine.
      Maybe its just me but I consider these heads works of art rather than disposable commodities. Yes you could replace a head but it will never be THAT head.
      Many of us could walk into a room with a dozen girls with the same body and head and recognise our own girl immediately as every head is very slightly different on the softest parts of it.
      Mouths may be that little bit more open, eyes that little more recessed. And thats before you even get onto makeup.
      Personally I am definitely in the save every head camp. Bodies wear out, but for me their personality is in the head and that needs protecting.

  2. I’m hearing a lot of negative stories lately, I hope my doll arrives in good condition — and asap! 😀

    1. This is simply us sharing more customer experience to improve business all round for everyone. In most cases there aren’t any issues and I don’t expect any for you 🙂

    2. Hi Ryan,
      I’ve got nine girls (counting only bodies, not heads). Most of them (six) are made by Jinsan (five WM, one YL). The oldest WM is now six years old and the quality of her is what made me keep buying their girls in a market with so many alternatives.
      None of my Jinsan girls have issues. Yes, the hands go eventually no matter how careful you are but once you have owned these girls for a while you find how to fix hands and its really not rocket science (The first time is really scarry though no matter how many repair video’s you watch beforehand).
      Comparing dolls to cars think of WM as something like the BMW of TPE girls. BMW is a fantastic car but even a manufacturer of that level puts out a very occassional pup that needs to be recalled.
      hope that helps to reassure,
      kindest regards,

  3. Hi Graham, I would say the only thing that will work in this case is epoxy, the same stuff they use to glue the finger wires into the palm plates. Once that stuff has set it should hold the recessed nut in place in the head.

  4. Superglue isn’t going to work long term.
    The mainstay for repairs be that to the whrists, ankles or indeed something like this is Gorilla Epoxy resin.
    For this job you are going to need to be very careful that no Epoxy goes onto the thread so would advise doing the job with the M16 bolt inserted then bound at the bottom with tape so that there is no risk of the Epoxy welding the bolt to the nut.
    The Epoxy only costs around a fiver. It only has a very limited working time before its as hard as steel and even then you need to leave for 24 hours before assuming that it is completely solid.
    Looking at the images that should work. Phew, we got to save a Jinsan head… Hope that she has a very long and happy life,
    All the best,

  5. Silly question, but the two things that have to be glued together – what are they made of?

    1. Hi Solaris,
      Its made of resin. easy to shape, light but hard as steel.



      1. I would be inclined to try JB Weld, albeit very carefully…

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