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Loose Leg

In the spirit of being more open and transparent, I wanted to kick this off with a product issue a customers is having with his doll. On the second day the customer emailed to say that he believed the left leg had become detached from the skeleton so I asked him to send in a video.

I could see from the video there was a definite issue as the leg does not hold any position and simply flops back to the bed. Having seen this a few times over the years, I believed this was simply a loose joint, rather than a detached joint. Having read something on a forum the customer thought it might still be detached so I advised him to put the leg straight and then pull on it, i.e. as if trying to pull it out of the socket. From this, he saw that it was not detached and felt a little better about the situation.

We sent the customers video to the factory and received an instructional video back in return on how to fix the problem. We asked the customer to perform this operation on camera so we can see if it works. The customer has now tried the fix (see around 1:10 on the video) and said that it was not successful. I informed the factory and sent them the video and they have confirmed that they will now make a new doll for the customer.


8 thoughts on “Loose Leg

  1. for i am happy – company will send – customer, – for the replacement doll. ! that is good news.

  2. oh good. i am so happy. that the company will send the replacement for the customer.

  3. It can sometimes be more tricky than just tightening an external nut, sometimes the said nut is inside the tube!
    Been there done that!

    1. thanks for the comment Dave, as discussed that doesn’t apply to dolls bought from us, as our nuts are not inside tubes.

  4. Is there now a broken doll looking for a new home?

    1. the customer will be able to keep the doll until the replacement arrives and then it may become available, though it’s likely we’ll repair the doll prior to reselling

  5. i tested this on the wm 162cm bbw. who with her arm was floppy. wonderfull ! yes it has tighten up again.

    the yl 170cm ff cup is not so successful for she bends at the middle of her torso. no i have not mastered that. she is still very loose.
    i was wondering before if she has a bolt with then nut or an allen key type joint to tighten. ? if it has self tight system in theory it should work if i do it right.
    yes ?

  6. I had a similar thing with an arm before not holding position straight out of the box. I would have thought by this stage they would simply torque load each joint to the same amount that way none are either too stiff or too loose. Seems like a simple solution to me but clearly still isn’t being done. Over time they will loosen a bit that is to be expected but from the outset they would all be standardized.

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