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What Kind Of Guys Buy Sex Dolls?

This is a question that I often get asked by people new to the sex doll industry. I enjoy this question immensely and when I answer, I pause for a moment and enjoy that little look on their face as they’re expecting me to tell them our customer base is full of fat, ugly guys who live in their mothers basements. After a moment,  I tell them that they’re the kind of guys who have a couple of grand lying around. Pow! My first blow is struck. Then I tell them that there is no typical customer and they range right across the board of the population. We have reclusive customers who have temporarily retreated from society and/or relationships and we have wealthy professionals and businessmen who rock up in new executive cars.

‘they’re the kind of guys who have a couple of grand lying around’


We have guys who’ve had problems cheating on their wives and don’t want to do it anymore and we have others who’s wives have had a difficult pregnancy and won’t let their husbands near them. We have guys who have gone through a difficult divorce and can’t face the prospect of dating, let alone remarrying, and we have guys who’ve been told their entire life that sex is wrong and dirty. We have women who want to safely and discreetly explore a new side to their selves and we have guys without any current issues or hangups who simply want to try it out.

‘What each customer has in common though is a pioneering spirit and a huge, sometimes hidden, love of women’


What each customer also has in common is a pioneering spirit and a huge, sometimes hidden, love of women. Although sex dolls are now very accepted and often the source of envy for many people you wouldn’t say they were yet mainstream and a little searching, both online and internally, is needed to find and then purchase one of our dolls. Another common theme is a loss of connection with the feminine. You may or may not consciously recognise this and only begin to see it as your experience progresses but a connection with both the masculine and the feminine is essential to a healthy life and what greater tribute can we pay to the feminine than to say that we are prepared to fix this within ourselves in order to be happier, more productive members of the whole.


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  1. I think the issue here as we all know is lack of knowledge and understanding as to those not in the know they see it as some seedy guy having sex with a plastic doll and my oh my how wrong can they be they do not realize that its not the inanimate object they all think and many guys who are doll owners connect with their girls on both a physical and a psychological level and i myself am currently spending my time to choose correctly as im hoping in the near future to be eagerly awaiting that call to say my dream girl and partner is on her way to me to live her life with me 🙂

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