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What Is Male Sexuality?

Male sexuality doesn’t really have a positive image in society and it’s often seen as something that needs to be kept under control. Either that or we go around mounting anything that moves and, please God, cover those table legs (that’s an old joke in case you don’t know what I’m talking about). I wonder though if it’s really so dangerous?

The constant burden that a man faces from a genetically induced, new breeding-stock-hunting daydream is, at best, a constant nuisance and, at worst, inescapable. Many/most (who can tell which?) of us decline this most instant invitation in favour of monogamous relationships. No we’re not doing women any favours, this is simply what we choose to do. Be responsible to our wives, partners and society. However, if men maintain that monogamy by watching porn and masturbating they’re considered dirty, maybe seen as taking energy away from their relationship or society. I wonder though, if we could look at it from another point of view and say that men are often doing the responsible thing in relieving tensions forced upon us by DNA and, as is a fashionable thought at the moment, stress and anxiety (yes when stressed men are said to masturbate and women are said to eat).

There’s a lot of sex positivity in the social media scene and it’s really great. However, it’s predominately coming from women. This in itself is great but to make it even better we should add in some male sex positivity. Not the stereotypical builders whistling at women in streets but celebrating that we want sex with women as much as, were now finding, women want sex with us. Let’s neither of us be overly aggressive about it and try to control the other. As men learn not to be afraid of the depths of female sexuality, women can learn not to be afraid of the insistence of mens. I can’t help but wondering at what we could achieve, if we worked together and set each other free.

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