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Sex Doll Pubic Hair

Yes, you can actually customise this part of your doll. Wether you like a big bush or a freshly shaved landing pad, your rubber lover can oblige. Currently about 99% of dolls going out are bald down there. There are a number of reasons for this, in that it’s a bit more fashionable for a lady to be a bit tidier down there and in porn, at least, it’s certainly more common to be fully shaven. If these dolls had come out in the 60’s then maybe we’d be the other way and a bush extending right round the back of the arse might be the way.

stuck in
stick on

There’s also the disappointing chore of keeping a doll to consider, i.e. the cleaning process. If you get a bit sloppy down there then it’s a lot easier to wipe a smooth surface than it is to wash and dry a load of hair. Finally there’s sustainability as, when we first started supplying dolls, the only option was to have the hair inserted into the skin of the doll. This was achieved by the workers in the factory, putting small incisions in the pubic area, inserting a hair and then gluing it in place. This wasn’t too bad to look at and gave a genuine feel, however over time the hair can start to drop out and then she’s left bald but with a few little incision scars. These aren’t too noticeable but you’d probably rather not have them.

Recently (around 2018) we started to see the emergence of stick on pubic hair. This has been slow to take off but it does seem like the better idea. It can be mass produced and therefore the level of creativity, consistency and detail can be better. There’s also a larger surface area that it’s stuck onto so it can’t fall out hair by hair. If over a period of years it started to peel at the edges you’d simply glue it a little back down. So right now if you like fur this is probably the best option.

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