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Why We Don’t Have A Showroom

For the first couple of years we did have one. We had a lot of dolls set up and available for anyone to come and view. However, nobody came to see them. OK, we had a couple of people a month and out of those the odd one would actually go on to buy a doll but the time and cost involved in maintaining a showroom and the fact that it didn’t seem to be a big part of the buying decision process for people meant it wasn’t really worth it. It seemed that, at this point in the industry, people simply weren’t that bothered about a physical inspection. In the future it may be different and I always envisaged a store in each city, kind of like an Apple store, where robots were on display and people would inspect, interact with and purchase them. This will happen once dolls become advanced, i.e. robotic, and when they become socially acceptable. Because at that time they will be sold with a prime purpose of being household/ family robots – though I also still envisage the salesman giving the father a cheeky nudge or a wink and hinting that they can do many other tasks around the house.

So what do you do if you feel the need to see one before making a purchase? First, you could go to a local sex shop and hope they have some decent ones in (see our buyers guide if you’re going down this route). Second, you could accept that this is possibly just a barrier you’re placing in the way to stop yourself from getting what you want. This is a very common human trait! We often find a multitude of reasons not to try something new. Our brains tell us that change is bad, it’s risky – even if you’re life isn’t great right now you at least know how to deal with it. If you add change or improve your life, you’ll have to develop whole new strategies of coping with them – that’s a lot of work.

Along this same line (creating barriers) you can also consider the fact that you can actually see them on our website. You can see stock pictures that have been taken by professional photographers. These are done with often fabulous outfits at incredible locations, with flawless makeup and perfect lighting. So the dolls are looking at their damn best. Next you can compare them to the factory pics of dolls rolling of the production line (bear in mind these pictures are taken by low skilled workers using low quality phones). You can search these pics by head number or body models to work out which combination works for you.

You might say that without seeing them, that you can’t trust that you’ll get the dolls in the pictures. There are two answers to this, first read out Trustpilot reviews as this is an independent site which prevents people simply writing a load of reviews themselves and as some of ours are actually negative you can be fairly convinced we’re not doing this. The other thing you can do is read this article to see why people sometimes don’t get, or don’t think they get the dolls in the pictures.

The reality is that 99% of our customers purchase without ever even asking to see a doll in advance and, as this is a particularly sensitive subject right now, that makes sense. They’re using their investigative skills and powers of reasoning to make the decision.

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