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Sex Doll Podcast #3 – Women vs Sex Dolls

Transcript: Good evening guys, I hope you’re all doing very well. This is the third episode of the Sex Doll Podcast from Love Doll UK. I’d like to start with a roundup of the news, I’ve picked three stories. The first one is a story from Sputnik news. It’s a Russian media organization with offices around the world, and they have website visits around 75 million per month. It’s quite a substantial publication if you will. The title is sex doll Harmony’s sensory upgrades’ certain to freak you out. Essentially this is about the RealDoll or the spinoff company Realbotix, and it’s their flagship product Harmony.

If you haven’t heard of this one before, RealDoll is a manufacturer of silicon dolls. They were one of the first original, they’re pretty much one of the best silicon dolls manufacturers that you’ll find based in America. They’ve moved into the realm of robotics, and they’ve created a doll called Harmony. This has some inbuilt AI, if it is AI, and has some movements. It’s basically the head that does everything, so the eyes move, there’s some talking there. You can have a conversation with it, how good that is. You know we will find out. 

Now she was originally delayed by about a year, but the first orders that people have placed, apparently they’ve now been manufactured and they are being delivered to customers over the next few weeks or so. That’s a really exciting time, and I think it’ll be fantastic to hear what the feedback of customers is. It’s certainly an interesting point and it’s something I’ve often wondered is, are we looking certainly current purchases of sex dolls, are they looking for AIs? Is that the big thing for them? Is that the holy grail? Or, are they quite content with just to have the doll lie there and do its job so to speak? Maybe we’ll have a split camp and maybe half people will go that way and half people will stick with the original. Or maybe we might even see a whole new demographic, this may open up a whole new product range so to speak to people out there. People who previously never been interested or not interested enough to make a purchase, suddenly this gets a bit more interesting. They think this has gone beyond a basic sex toy, a basic sex doll. Maybe this is something that they’re going to be interested.

That’s going to be great to find out what the feedback is and how sales are. I mean of course we’re going to hear, “Sales are brilliant and wonderful,” and we’re going to hear a lot of stories. It’ll be interesting to find out what the genuine feedback is, and be part of the community. We will hear that and you guys will hear that as well, and we’ll be able to find out what people’s reactions are. 

There’s a story it centers on something called the X mode and states it should freak people out. Now I don’t know what this X mode actually is and if any of you know what this is, please email me and let me know. If not, if the story continues, I’m sure I’ll find that out. There’s also a very interesting core just kind of plastered halfway into the frontal there. It basically says, the first owner of Harmony sexbots said that, “If sex with a woman is a 10, then with a doll it’s an eight.” Now I don’t know if he’s referring to dolls in general or if he’s referring to the Harmony doll with the added bit of AI. Either way, that to me is probably perhaps more interesting, and I wonder if we did an actual poll, what you guys would rate, how you would actually rate the sex compared to that with a woman. My imagine is, it’s probably going to come in around the seven or eight anyway. 

pond to a lot of people, a lot of people who have very active sex lives with women as well as dolls, and they say that, it’s good, it’s very good. It’s very close, but it’s never quite as good. I don’t think I’ve met anybody who has a lot of experience with women as well who’ve actually turned around and said, “It’s as good.” I think it’s getting up there, it’s close. I think with the advent of them, the AI and potentially future developments of actual movement, once we see the… To me this is the bigger thing, that the movement of the limbs and things. Once we see that happening, it’s going to be very interesting to see what kind of a figure we’re going to put on it. I mean are we then going to put on a nine or a 10 and say that it’s as good? A woman would only be better because there’s some randomness that could come from a human, that couldn’t come from a robot. Then again, maybe it could potentially be programmed in there, and that’s a big question. Can robots replace women or men in the bedroom sufficiently so that we just stop having sex with each other?

For the reason of physical pleasure or physical release, that’s interesting. I think that’s probably where a lot of the hype and a lot of the hysteria comes in, and things that people are worried about is that that is potentially what’s going to happen. I mean I guess it could, but on the same note I think as a species we’re very programmed by it, by our DNA and by our own kind of desires to procreate and breed. Maybe a lot of people out there don’t seem to want to do that anymore, because the populations so high and they don’t feel a need to. I think certainly if populations dwindled or anything like that, we’d certainly all feel that desire again. 

I think the continuation of the human species is probably one of the biggest drives we really have. I don’t think we’ll come up against that anytime soon, unless there’s some kind of crazy war or something like that. Yeah, I mean I do think it has the potential to alter the status quo with relationships and sexual relationships. Simply because that’s kind of happening anyway. We are seeing a little bit of a disillusion of marriage and that kind of thing, and we are seeing a change in general. If we as a species are kind of moving towards that, and in terms of either being perpetually single or in terms of having moving from partner to partner in different stages of our lives, which obviously that’s happening a lot more now, yeah, this is something I don’t necessarily think it’s a disruptive technology that’s going to certainly change everything. I think it could facilitate a bit more change, but I think we’re always going to want to breed and procreate.

The next story I want to focus on is one titled revenge of the sexbots, how sex robots could be hacked to murder you in terminator style executions. This is in The Irish Sun and that’s an online publication that has around five million monthly visitors with the majority being in Ireland. That’s followed by smaller quantities, but significant in the USA and the UK. Now it seems to me that they basically go together, if you very much know people kind of ask them, convince them or let them in the saying that the worst things they could possibly think of about sex dolls and their owners. The main story, it follows on from the privacy story that which we talked about in a previous episode, which was basically stated that the dolls could record people. They could have cameras in the eyes in order to interact with the world, and they could then record you in your sexual activities with the dolls. Then that could be used for blackmail purposes or whatever. 

Absolutely considered that that could happen as it could happen anybody who has sex in front of their phone, …must have five or 10 cameras in the house at any one time. Yes, technically anyone of those could be hacked and we could be recorded. Yes the dolls could do it and that would then be a tricky thing because how would you ensure it didn’t happen? Obviously you would go to licensed establishments and more well known establishments in the hope that that wouldn’t happen. I suppose you could ask for a doll without eyes, maybe that would work, who would know. 

The story centers on a statement that was apparently made by a cybersecurity expert, Dr. Nick Patterson, in which he says then, “Not only would the dolls record us, they may actually go onto kill us in terminator style executions.” I thought, “You know that’s a big claim,” so I went on the internet and had a look for this guy. It turns out he’s a legitimate guy, seems pretty good, pretty well respected. He’s a professor at the Australian School of IT. I thought, “I’ve got to reach out to the guy,” so I sent the guy a few emails and we had a little bit of a conversation. It turns out that not only did he not say that, he was talking about a completely different situation, he was talking about a chef robot. He had made suggestions that the robot itself could be hijacked and maybe the eyes and the mortars could be hacked and that kind of thing. He never made any reference to the sex robot side of things, and he never made any reference to murder or anything like that. He was simply talking about the hacking and on a much simpler level. 

He is very dismayed that he’s being brought into this conversation, and from what I gather, the whole thing has gone, it’s gone viral. It’s probably tainted part of his reputation in a way that he doesn’t want. I mean personally I think the fame from this is probably good, it’ll raise the profile, but if you’re not in the sector, if you haven’t made the mental adjustment to be working in the adult sector, it’s quite an embarrassing thing. I’m sorry for Dr. Nick and I think we all need to realize that he is just a professional gentleman. He doesn’t have any ties to this and things have been taken very much out of context. I wanted to set the record straight with that first of all.

Then I wanted to deal with the claim itself, so let’s set Dr. Nick aside and see that this is a statement made by the paper, not by Dr. Nick. The question is why would they do that. Obviously it’s sensational and it’s more likely to sell newspapers. Let’s set aside any kind of, with a nefarious kind of desire in doing this in spreading fear or anything like that, let’s just talk about the fact that they’re selling newspapers. As a subject and as a topic of could they actually go on to kill us, I’ve got to concede that. If they are going to be strong and if they’re going to be, even if not strong, even if they’re just fast, Nick will quickly pick something up and hit you with it. Yeah, again it’s absolutely possible. You know that’s the same thing for a prostitute or that’s the same thing for a person, a woman or a man. 

If you have a sexual liaison with them, and you don’t know them, or even if you do know them, you could be killed in that sense as well. If you’re a regular kind of guy, the idea about these sex dolls will just randomly start executing people, or will be hacked by a group of crazy hacking people. Their aim is to execute random ponders around the world, you know I mean, well, maybe there’s some crazy people out there and that’s going to happen. I think after the first one or two executions, I think we’re all pretty much going to get the idea and stay away from them at that point. A lot of people might want to try this out, but the price, if the price is a gruesome death, that’s quite a steep level of inflation compared to 60 pounds, $60 whatever for a quick turn with a prostitute as it is today. It’s crazy stuff, yes. Yes, it’s possible, anything is possible. The idea that this could become common places is just ridiculous and they make such a claim, so they’re just sensational. Life doesn’t work that way. 

It does make one interesting point, and that is that these dolls are probably going to be easier to hack than, maybe not so much a computer, but certainly an iMac or an iPhone, a phone and things, and there’s a lot more security on computers these days. The question is, Matt McMullen over at RealDoll, have you guys considered that? If you haven’t, I’m sure you need to. Maybe you need a hook up with some cybersecurity partners to ensure that that happens. I mean at the moment I think that you are limited, they are limited to the dolls being, I think it’s simply just the heads that move right now. It’s the eyes, it’s the mouth, that kind of thing. I imagine it hasn’t got too strong of a bite, but maybe if it did and somebody hacked it and they swapped over the suck and the bite motion, yeah maybe somebody could be bitten to death or something like that. 

Until we get to the point where the dolls can move, they have sufficient strength, the cybersecurity side of things might not be quite as important just yet. Yes, absolutely, that’s probably got to be on the horizon, and they’ve got to think about that going forward. All right, so I’m going to read a bit more of this article. There’s some other people saying some strange things. We have Tim Mackey, a Senior Technical Advisor at a software and computer chip firm Synopsys. He says that, “Sexbots in the near future will likely collect data on the users to build them more personalized experience.” Yes, it makes sense that that’s going to happen. I mean we’ve got the whole deep learning thing and it’s going to be a case where pretty much everything is just going to be analyzed to death in order to give the best experience for everything. He says, “Yeah, users are expecting more from the smart gadgets,” absolutely, ” and security has not kept pace.” Yes, that’s probably true. “This extends to sex robots where gadgets of the future will collect a relationship profile built around the preferences of whoever’s in control.” Yes, again it make sense that they would do that. “Activity with the robot could be stolen by hijackers just as activity with certain brands of smart sex toy has been compromised before.” Yeah, it could be.

The actual patterns of how you like to make love, the rhythms of how you like to thrust, or be sucked or whatever, yeah, absolutely. Those patterns could be stolen. Again it goes back to maybe it could steal the video, it could steal a video of that. I mean if it does and if that happens to these dolls or any in the future, again it’s going to be huge news. If they simply use it to blackmail or something, it’s going to happen a few times and then somebody’s going to say, “I don’t care.” It’s going to be big news. It’s all possible, but the fact that it’s going to become a mainstream activity, that these things are going to happen, I don’t think that’s going to happen. 

It’s also the case of, when they talk about the whole blackmail thing, if somebody says, “Okay, get me 10 grand and I’m going to show the video of you having sex with the doll to the world,” at one time in the past maybe that will be a hugely embarrassing. Maybe even two or three years ago somebody would pay a lot of money for that tape not to be released. Whereas I think the amount of major exposure over the dolls now, even somebody who’s not massively in this world, are they going to fog out a ton of money that they don’t put it out there? I mean who knows, maybe they’ll even think to themselves, “You know, what this worked for Paris Hilton, this worked for Kim Kardashian, why don’t you release the tape? Maybe I’ll be famous, maybe I can quit my job. Who knows, might even be worth paying them 10 grand if they actually release it.” Anyway, maybe I’m being so, maybe not.

Again, more crazy people, I shouldn’t say that, but more people in this who, you’ve got Professor Kathleen Richardson an expert in ethics and culture of robots. I’ve not heard of her yet, so I will look her up on Twitter and I’m sure she’s very sensible. She believes men who have sex with dolls develop a lack of empathy towards women. I mean first of all we’ve got to make sure, we don’t know if she actually said it and she said it like that. Newspapers always take things out of context. If she did say it, that’s a big claim. Well, if she believes it, I guess it’s not a big claim, but if she believes it, that’s what happens, I don’t think that’s true. If she says that people who do this develop a lack of empathy, I don’t think that’s the case. I think some people might start with a lack of empathy, and it could in some cases compound that. The majority of cases, a lot of the guys that we’ve worked with, that hasn’t been the case. It’s been a case where they have actually forced it. They have actually created more empathy or have grown empathy from none. There is a case of that, the time and the nonjudgmental acts and the time they have with their doll, they actually learn affection for the doll, which in time does transpire to the rest of the world. 

I don’t know what evidence she’s going on. We’re going on evidence. We’ve sold a lot of dolls and we’ve spoken to a lot of people and we’ve interacted with a lot of people. We’re kind of seeing the opposite’s true. I don’t know where she’s getting her information from, I’m sure she’s getting it from somewhere. She’s a professor, she’s got it and it would be nice to have a discussion with her. What she’s just go on to say is that, you cannot learn empathy from a doll. It’s not a person, it’s not a life and the only thing going on is what’s inside of you. Well yeah, but that’s true for the rest of the world. 

Now, you may say with a woman you’re getting external stimulus, but yes you are also with a doll, all be it simply visual and tactile. You’re not getting an auditory stimulus unless you’ve got some kind of mourning track in the background or something like that. Yes, you’re not getting an injection of ideas from another person, but a lot of what goes on between people is our own interpretation anyway. A lot of what goes on is inside our own minds. If you have two people, the person isn’t directly projecting their impressions or opinion into your mind, you are interpreting them internally anyway. I would just argue there that, the sex with a doll it doesn’t seem as if it as one sided as certainly she would believe. She also goes on to say this evidence is sure that men who use human prostitutes lack empathy, and how would you develop empathy if you’re with a doll? 

Well yeah, maybe they lack empathy, maybe some guys they’re occasionally using prostitutes. Maybe some of them, I mean you’ve all heard the concept of a girlfriend experience, and I think that’s quite a popular thing with the prostitutes from what you read. That they’re wanting more than just a porn star experience. I think that’s a big generalization and that may well be her experience, but it is an experience I have come across. It’s certainly not the only experience. 

For me talking to people, talking to men predominantly in the sex doll world, they kind of fall in two camps. I’ve probably said this before, but you have people who will come into the doll world for a short time, or they may come into it for a long time. They don’t delve too deep, they use the dolls as a tool, as an escapism or as a stepping stone for the next stage of the life. Sometimes that is somebody who has divorced and lost their confidence, or they’ve been widowed, their partners died. They’ve had a bad experience with a partner. They’ve been treated really badly and maybe they’ve been just as guilty as well. These people will use the dolls, and I’m guessing some people will do this with prostitutes as well. They will use them to move on and get over whatever it is they need to get over, and then they’ll move on into the next stage of their life. They will then either sell the dolls and move on and never come back. Or they may sideline them and just use them sparingly. Or some people even use them in their relationships going forward. 

Then you do have a second camp of people who in my opinion they’ve probably been hurt too badly as children or by society. Or they’ve just become so disenfranchised with society and with women or vice versa, you know some women have felt that way with men. They stay in the doll world and that does become their world for a long time. Yes, I have come across some characters who I don’t know, now I don’t know even the most deeply entrenched. I would never say that they have no empathy, because speaking with them they’re always kind and have empathy. Now this lady might argue that because they’re talking to me as a man, that they have them for men. They certainly seem to exhibit empathy for their dolls, they seem to take very great care of them. They’re not mistreating them. Yeah, I mean I could go into a lot of stories about how well they do think of their dolls.

Yes, there are two camps. There are two camps of one who’ll get into this, and they do grow from their experience, they do increase their empathy. They do go onto have better more successful relationships. Yeah, there are maybe some guys who will never really fully move on from that, but again isn’t that just life? Some people can never move on in life. I don’t say this as cold psychopathic women hurting people. I really don’t, I just don’t think that’s in the doll world. 

Okay, so lastly there’s, let’s see what this one says. There’s another one that says, there’s a Russian sexologist, I hope I pronounce this right, Led Shedroff and he agrees that using sex dolls will result in psychopathic disorders. I mean oh my God, how far can we stretch this, that using dolls, using sex dolls will result in psychopathic disorders? I mean that’s just absolutely ridiculous. I haven’t experienced that in any way, shape, or form. I think if we were in this industry, and everybody we sold to, if they just increasingly got psychopathic, I don’t think we could do this business. I told many stories of some our first customers and things, and things that really got us hooked in this business and thought, “This is a great business, it’s very helpful for men. It’s very helpful for the world,” it’s not the case. They’ve got it backwards. People aren’t becoming more psychopathic, it’s going the other way. They are becoming more empathetic, they are becoming better people as a result of using these. 

He told Sputniks, I guess this is referring to another article. He told them that, “Sex with a robot is just a fake imitation, and it can lead into psychopathic disorders and isolation.” Okay, yes it can I wouldn’t say it does, and I would say the majority of cases it’s the opposite. In circumstances yes, I suppose it could lead to that, but it’s the same as anything. It’s the same as when they say cannabis use among people with a predilection if that’s the right word, a predilection for mental illness can develop schizophrenia and things like that. Yeah, absolutely, anybody who’s kind of that way oriented, they could take this the wrong way, and they could take it too far, yeah absolutely. 

He added that, “The nonhuman interaction fails to bring the emotions that shape and bring sense to a life.” No that’s incorrect. They may fail to bring the other party’s emotions, but the person using the doll still has all of their own emotions to deal with and bounce off. Sometimes and especially this is the clincher here, sometimes they’re not ready for another person’s emotions, and they’re only ready to deal with their own. That’s what they’re doing there, that’s what they’re doing. 

Okay, the last story I want to talk about, and it’s just going to be quick one, because I’m aware that this is probably going to be quite a long podcast. The story is called the world’s first consensual sex doll brothel in the US tanks as in fails, because people don’t want to pay money to seek sexbots consent. 

Now this obviously refers to the story we talked about in the previous episode of the cult leader called Unicron, who wanted to raise $150,000 to create the world’s first sex doll brothel where you had to get concent from the robot. Even though consent at the moment is technically not possible, so it was just weird anyway, and to be fair it seems more like a pipe dream. It was never going to happen anyway, and it’s got nothing to do with the fact that people didn’t want to pay for consent. The story itself says nothing further about its actual headline.

Now this is from Lastly, which is an Indian news website with a couple of million visitors. It’s small in terms of news establishments, but quite a busy one. These are mainly in India with a few in the USA and the UK. It’s important just to put a bit of context in there. This isn’t in the UK media and things, it’s still picking up a lot of views. It’s interesting that that’s the message they’re pushing to Indian people.

If you can pay this to prostitution, everyone with the exception of a few despicable, horrible people obviously. What they’re doing is paying for the consent. They’re paying for fast consent. In a few cases it comes in a matter of minutes or something, and rather than weeks. The speeding up the process of getting that consent, and that’s what they’re paying for. To suggest that people simply don’t want to pay for consent, just because it’s sex robots or sex dolls, again it’s absolutely ridiculous. 

I’m just going to write this article of this purely sensationalist, there’s absolutely zero merit in it whatsoever. Even the other stories, they’re a bit crazy, they’re a bit sensationalist, but they do have some sort of basic backing and basic legitimate questions in there. This one total joke, I’m not even going to discuss it further. 

Now we come to the second part of the show where I respond to feedback and questions that we’ve heard from some of our new listeners. Albert previously asked us some of the questions, and he’d asked us about the weight of dolls. He since purchased quite a heavy one, quite a large one and he’s struggling to move her around a bit. The first thing I would say is, especially some of the heavier dolls, they’re not really meant to be carried around the house from room to room. They’re more of a case of putting them in a position, either in a chair, next to you watching TV or in a bed. That’s kind of where you would leave them. You wouldn’t really move them around from room to room, because when you’re talking 50 kilos, that is a heavy weight, that’s a very heavy weight for a lot of men. It’s the realism of the sex and of the contact that you’re getting rather than the movability. 

Now he also asked me, what the weight of the skeleton was inside of the doll, because he thought, if that was a big contributor to the weight, that would be a good idea to put a factory to change that. Maybe some kind of carbon fiber skeleton or something. A lot of people have mentioned and asked me over the time, and the fact of the matter is, the skeleton actually only accounts for about four or five kilos of the weight. When you’re talking big 50 kilo dolls, you’re talking 10% or less of the weight is actually in the skeleton. They probably could make advancements there, but that’s not where a lot of the weight’s reduction is going to come into things. 

The bulk, well all of the rest of the weight really with a few exceptions for some very small parts, is in the TPE of the doll. The plastic, the sheer mass of that on a big sort of five foot seven voluptuous doll with big boobs, big hips and big bum and big legs, all of the weight is in the TPE. Where the reductions of where it will come in the future, which is speculation at the moment, but it’s going to come in the form of either a lighter material, or some kind of filling inside the material they form cause or that kind of thing. It’s something that’s being worked on by a lot of the manufacturers. It’s something that will be solved at some point, but it’s not immediately on the horizon. It is coming at some point. 

You also asked about robot heads, and he said the next thing that’s needed is the speech. Yeah, we are starting to see them as we mentioned earlier in this podcast, the story of Harmony. She has some speech and speech recognition and things going on right now. We actually took delivery of the talking head from our factory probably about six months ago now. They were out there, and they were ready. They were operating on one of the famous brands of AI. You could interact with it. 

Now the only problem was at the moment was that it was in Chinese, so it was aimed for the Chinese market. The factory haven’t seen to convert that into English yet. One of the main reasons for that. I mean I should have showed you guys a video of this, because when I got it, I wanted to see one, and I wanted to get one in. When I saw it I was like, “Yeah, that’s great, but it’s not ready for sale.” We could have been selling these about six months ago, but I think a lot of people would have been disappointed. The fact that it was still in Chinese, I don’t think many people would have been happy with that. 

We did look at a partnership with a software company and reverse engineering, and actually changing them into English. I think that was possible, we could have done that and that would have been great. The movement of the eyes is still a little bit robotic, and the movement of the mouth wasn’t really in sync with the speech that was coming out, it was just a talk and movement up and down. Again, I mean if people are really interested in that, let me know, and I’ll see if I can put, I’ll get it back out again, and I’ll see if I can create a video for you guys and show you it. Yeah, I’d forgotten about it for a while, and it’s a shame, because we’ve sat on it for a while. I really should have shown you guys that a bit more. 

Also, Bob asks about, he liked what was mentioned about the healing side of dolls. I said I would talk a little bit more about that. The whole hearing aspect of dolls is, it’s a podcast in itself, it’s a huge one. It’s not something I talk about too often, because in my experience and especially when I’ve been talking to a new or prospective customer who’s interested in getting a doll. I would often tell them that the doll would offer some amazing benefits to their lives and some wonderful healing aspects. 

What I would often find out, I’ll go into that in a bit of detail, and what I would often find is that, that would actually seem to scare off the prospective customer. Even though I think in many ways in the back of their mind that’s what they’re going for, they don’t necessarily want to hear that side of it. They’re coming at it from a straight up companionship, or a sex angle, and when I talk too much about the healing side, it probably softened it too much for all of them. I don’t know, that’s speculation on my part. 

I often found that talking about like too much would often scare the customer away. One of course we don’t want to do that because we want to sell dolls, but also we don’t want to do that because of somebody’s embarking on that side of things. I think it’s very important for them to do it and to get a doll and to enjoy the benefits of the doll. 

That said, I don’t want to go into too much detail about this. Some of the things I will say are, that the reason I got into this business in the first place, or the reason I stayed with this business was because one of our first customers, he bought a doll, and I heard from him from about six months later. He told me, he wanted to sell the doll back to us and he wanted to come up and meet me. He told me that he had, he no longer needed the doll, because he got himself, I think it was his first girlfriend, and she was moving into his house, and he was moving on with his life. I just thought that was an incredible thing that the confidence that he got from having the doll, either from having sex with it, or from just spending time with it, it allowed him to move on and move on into a relationship. A lot of the time I think that is actually what happens. 

The healing side as well, I’ve talked to a lot of guys about this. The healing of the non judgemental sex that people are having with the dolls as well, that is also a massive thing. No matter what we see and male bravado aside, sex is a hugely personal thing. It’s a hugely obviously intimate moment, and I think all of us fear judgment in that action. Unless you’re in a very loving and very trusting relationship, that’s very hard to get around. It takes time to build up, and if you have any kind of stigma or fear of it yourself, then it’s very difficult to overcome that with another person. 

Now when you have sex with a doll, there’s no judgment other than your own, but as it’s just your own overtime, you can overcome that, and you can stop the voices inside of your head about it. You can see that really the doll is, there’s a projection of personality onto it, the doll is an object that is not judging you. Over a period of time, that kind of sinks in with the user, and they can make a mental shift in their mind state and move onto a position where they’re not as hang up about that. 

It’s the same with for example the guy who can’t approach a girl in a bar. He will go through a lot of tension thinking about that, but some of these programs I think you see in the Big In America where they teach men how to approach women. The more you do that, and the more you just get it out of your system, and the more you get less hang up about it, the easier that becomes. It’s the same with a lot of things. 

Now I think going and talking to a girl in a bar is a very difficult thing for many people. Having sex is even more difficult again, so there aren’t many girls who are just going to lie there and not judge you in any way, shape of form. A doll will do that, so it’s a very wonderful thing for that. 

Lastly on it, I will go into this more deeper if people really want me to. Lastly I will kind of say, the doll can also be used for the training of sexual performance as well. If people have any anxiety around that, premature ejaculation or erectile disfunction, if people can’t get erections and things, there’s a lot of performance anxiety, which again that can be overcome just by having nonjudgmental sex in your own time and overcoming things in a healthy way. There’s many benefits of it. There’s some physical and there’s some mental and emotional there as well. 

Peter also told us that he’s been enjoying the podcast, and he agreed with a lot of what was said in the previous one, which was with regard to newspapers. He said he likes to quote the old adage, “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.” He said, “Even if his free logo rug that arrives every Thursday is on red, and he just uses that to wrap potato peels.” That’s a good point, and a lot of newspaper stuff is now, it really is entertainment, and I think we have to appreciate that. There is still a place for it, and I think a lot of people do like the entertainment side of things. 

I’m not really one for reading the newspapers, but I do at the moment like to follow the headlines and what’s going on. Not in the media, but in the media, but more in the social media. I like to see the headlines in Twitter, and I like to see different things that are going on there. There are some great phenomenons and new things that go on, so I think that’s wonderful stuff. I think that’s a change on things, so it’s moving to a more personalized involvement from the public and there’s been a take on things. I think that’s really good. 

He also says that I should watch the film Ex Machina to see what could really go wrong with sex robots with AI. I have seen that film before, and it’s an absolutely incredible film. I think I watched it two or three times straight off the bat as soon as I saw it. I knew it was going to be a good one. It’s been a while for me, but I do remember when it came out, we loved it so much, we bought in a lot of DVDs, and we just gave free copies out with whenever we sold the doll. If any of you out there got one of those free copies, let me know and let me know if you’ve watched the film, if you enjoyed it and how it impacted on your experience. I hope as Peter says, he finishes off at the end with scary, he says the word scary shit. Yeah, it is scary, and I hope we didn’t do the wrong thing by sending that DVD out. I would really like to hear anybody else’s take on movies, and maybe we’ll do a little bit of a movie roundup. I think I touched upon last time Lars and the Real Girl previously. I think rather than me talking about it now, what I will do is I’ll sit down and I’ll watch it again, and I’ll give you a better take on it. 

If anybody’s got any observations on Ex Machina between now and the next episode, or if anybody’s got any questions about it, let me know. That would be better I think rather than me just sitting here and telling you my thoughts on it. It would be good if we could have a little bit of a conversation on it as well. 

Finally, today what I’d like to do is probably put a new section into the podcast. This will be, today will be some website updates and things that we’ve done recently. Maybe in the future we’ll do a company updates and just give you an update about different things we’re doing and directions we’re going in. Today I’ll just tell you about some website updates that we’ve done recently. 

If you’ve been on our website and onto the custom builder size rather than the pre-configured dolls, if you’ve gone on and built your own doll, you’ll see that there’s been some changes there recently. Now previously we had on a few options, which we’ve now removed and simplified. The first option we had on there was that, there are a small number of heads that actually have an inbuilt tongue. Now, there’s such a small number that it’s a little bit complicated to try and distinguish, which ones can have that feature and which ones can’t. We also tend to find that even on the heads that could have that, a lot of people weren’t ordering them anywhere. I think the tongues look good, but they weren’t really getting ordered and there was such a small number of them to keep things a little bit simpler for everybody, we’ve just removed that all together. Now we still also sell separate tongues, so if anybody still wants a tongue you can buy one separate, and you can put that in the mouth of any doll, and that will just give an extra little realism there for you. 

The other thing we’ve done as well is, you may have known that we also had a simple heating option for our dolls, where you could plug them in, and within an hour or so the doll would warm up to a kind of a room temperature. It was a very good feeling, it made everything feel a lot better and a lot more realistic. What we found, well it was two things. Well the first was that, you couldn’t have the latest version of the skeleton with the shrugging shoulders and the twisting waist, because the way the wires wrapped around it, it didn’t go around the skeleton and inside. That was one disadvantage to the heat. 

The other side of things was that, really nobody was really buying that option, out of every hundred dolls. I was going to say we would probably sell four with heat, it might even be less than that. It may even just be two or three, two or 3% of what we were selling have the heat option. I know it sounds like a really good idea, it’s clear that it wasn’t something that was massively in demand. With the confusion of it only being available in certain skeleton types, and as well only available on certain body types, we actually decided to remove that and again we’ve simplified that. What we are now going to do is standard is offer the upgraded skeleton, the 3.5 skeleton with the shrugging shoulders and the twisting waist on all of the orders, on all of the dolls. You don’t need to select that anymore. 

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