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Head 273 / WM 162cm D Cup Body – Factory Pics

Customer order just completed at the factory: Head: 273, Eyes: 3-brown, Wig: style-1, Mouth: Enhanced / With Tongue, Body: wm-162cm-b-cup, Skeleton: SHRUGGING SHOULDER, Skin Tone: tanned, Vagina: fixed, Pubic Hair: without, Finger Nails: clear, Toe Nails: 11, Feet: standing

2 thoughts on “Head 273 / WM 162cm D Cup Body – Factory Pics

  1. I am interested the same doll if possible as small as possible but after christmas thank you for examples

    1. each body is made from a mould, so it’s not possible to make it bigger or smaller, or change breast size etc – so you need to find a body that works for you as is. Maybe in the future you can change things but not now. Also, we don’t sell dolls under 5ft (152cm) so you’ll need to start your search at that height. There are legal issues under that you may want to read up on:

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