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VLOG #15 – Fake Sex Dolls

Today we’re talking about FAKE SEX DOLLS

dolls featured:
Fake doll (copy of #46 head on (maybe) YL 155cm D Cup)
Caprice #46 WM 155cm L Cup
CLM Doll
Kalisy #51 WM Torso D Cup
Viola #8 YL 155cm D Cup
Tanya #157 WM 170cm H Cup
Emma #149 WM 170cm H Cup
Lori #129 YL 160cm JJ Cup
Caprice #46 WM 155cm L Cup

2 thoughts on “VLOG #15 – Fake Sex Dolls

  1. Agreed, i have full confidence in Graham not only to supply, deliver and support any doll purchase, but everything is totally genuine and honest. I will only use Love Doll UK for my next doll purchase. In regard to Grahams question if i would buy a fake doll, well… only if its honestly listed as a fake doll, and all the faults and expected problems are shown, made aware to any potential buyer, so they know what to expect from getting an inferior doll product. If they agree and sign off to the fact they accept its a fake and take it home, then well done to them and i hope they have a couple of weeks of fun company before the legs and arms start to fall off )-:

  2. Was a good copy it’s better paying full money and getting the original doll so glad I got my doll from love doll uk best thing iv ever purchase

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