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Sex Dolls And PTSD

I became aware of the healing properties of sex dolls very early on in the business when one of our first customers got his first girlfriend in his late 30’s. That was a pivotal moment for me and I realised this was more than just a business, it was a force for good in helping heal the many many men out there who need it. I regularly talk with guys who’ve got one problem or another and following a discussion about male and female power dynamics in a relationship, I got an email from a gentleman suffering with a complex PTSD. I’m not sure why and I didn’t pry but he told me how he believed his sex doll had saved his marriage.

As a result of the PTSD, he had developed an increased desire to have sex. Rather than cheat on his wife and risk an STD, he chose to get a doll. Now this didn’t go down too well and instead of his wife congratulating his ingenuity he ended up getting thrown out for a couple of weeks. This was a sad time for him and he was desperate for her to understand that it wasn’t so taboo and he didn’t want to replace her, he simply needed to find a way to cope with what was going on with him.

What he then found was that he was once again able to communicate with his wife as the “power play over sex was trumped by an awesome healing machine” and his flashbacks have now stopped. Now, in order to move back he had to get rid of the doll, so there’s still the outstanding issue of what he’s going to do about the mismatch in sex drives. He’s hoping that he can explain it to her but if it doesn’t work he thinks that ultimately he may need to leave.

I think this is a sad story and I’ve heard many cases of men having more sex or masturbating more frequently in order to cope with trauma. Doing this can calm a man down but, too much, reduces his vital life energy which could be put into his general life or into specifically improving his situation. When we compare sex and masturbation there are pros and cons. Sex is preferable as you also get that emotional and social connection which are healing for our brains. However, if you’re not in a mental place to have sex with another person or if you’re in a relationship and don’t want to cheat, then masturbation might be preferable. That might work for some men, in the same way that drinking alcohol each night takes the edge off. However, for others it’s just not enough and this is where a sex doll would be of benefit. It covers the situation where the man isn’t ready/able to have sex with a woman and to a certain extent covers the situation where the man is in a relationship. I say to a certain extent, because it solves the issue of not cheating with another woman but it doesn’t actually seem to cover the cheating issue in womens minds and, from experience, it seems that women do still view it as cheating – although not as bad as with a woman.

I do see this as a very legitimate way for men to overcome trauma or cope with excessive stress. So if you’re single I’d say it’s a no brainer. If you’re not then you’re going to have to think carefully, how you can conceal a doll or how you can explain it to your wife. If you try this, bear in mind that she will unlikely listen to all of the logical arguments you will put forward. You will need to appeal to her emotional side.

2 thoughts on “Sex Dolls And PTSD

  1. I was watching Whitney Cummings new Netflix show last night where she discusses love dolls and even introduced the audience to her own Real Doll that she had custom made. During her performance she suggested that rather than be suspicious of dolls and ‘sex robots’ we should embrace them, particularly if there is a missmatch in libido. So in a scenario where one partners libido is low then the other could meet their sexual needs with a doll. Of course this would work best where there has been discussion and agreement by both sides as trying to hide a doll from a partner is fraught with problems and a lot of people can quickly form an emotional bond with their doll which can’t be ignored. We are sexual beings whether we like it or not and love dolls can play a part in meeting our sexual desires. Of course they come with other benefits too that can enhance your life, especially if you live alone so, as a society, we should throw off the shackles of preconceptions and inhibitions and look at dolls afresh. They are wonderful creations, works of art in their own right and are improving with new technologies. Seen in this light love dolls can be a force for good. It was interesting to hear Whitney Cummings describe how her feelings about dolls evolved to the point where she wanted one, albeit to incorporate in her show but she acknowledged that she could see just how much fun they can be!

  2. I am in a similar situation. I am FtM,I have a male partner and have been together for quite a while and stress is really affecting our sex life. I am bisexual and I want to have sex with women but I don’t want to cheat on my partner so the doll is the only way I can express my sexuality without the negative consequences.

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