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Sex Doll Stuck In Customs

So you’ve ordered a doll and feel pretty good about yourself. She’s been made at the factory and has shipped out. So far, life is great and then Customs gets involved and dammit! everything grinds to a halt or is suddenly not so straight forward. Well, thankfully, this doesn’t happen too often and if you’re dealing with a legitimate company, then parcels will likely sail through the process or be delayed by just a few days


What is customs though?

Each country has a Border Force that is responsible for checking two things: 1) that parcels entering into the country fall within the laws of that country and 2) that the appropriate tax or tariffs are paid on them. Many people try to illegally import all kinds of items, from drugs to guns, and also try to pay less tax than they should – so Border Force is given a lot of power to deal with this. They are, in effect, the law on parcel importation.

> Are Sex Dolls Legal?

That said, the UK Border Force does not have a problem with sex dolls, as long as they are considered adult and the correct amount of tax is being paid. This is why it’s always best to purchase from a reputable dealer who is, ideally, located in your country – as they are best placed to abide by local laws. Note that even if your doll is an adult doll, customs may still want to take a look and may hold on to it for a few days. This is simply a matter of logistics, as they pull some out at random and then need to coordinate an officer to look at a few at the same time. Once they’ve checked them, they will be cleared or denied, depending on the features. So if you’ve bought from a good company, relax and just wait for the update that your parcel has cleared customs.


11 thoughts on “Sex Doll Stuck In Customs

  1. Hi there,

    I’ve fallen for one of your dolls. She’s made up of – Head number 70 on the WM 160cm A Cup body (I’m not a big breast guy).

    I’ve read through your answers above, which suggest there would be no issues shipping this doll to the U.K., but for peace of mind, would you see any issues and has this doll been successfully delivered here?

    I’ve lurked for a while, plucked up the courage to ask a question lol.

    Thanks, Ian

  2. I’ve just got into this doll thing its lovely,all you got to remember is to choose a uk seller and make sure you get a adult looking women doll ,and plenty of curves on her for dressing her up , saying that stanstead airport held onto my lovely lady for a bit but it was cool because she looks like a chick in her 20, so get a women doll and your get ya doll, happy days .got my doll bent over a chair at the moment with a grey mini skirt on and black stockings and high heels ,lads I tell you they look so so real.

    1. thanks for the update Ron

  3. Hello do you ship in greece?

    1. I can’t remember ever shipping to Greece, which probably means that the demand isn’t there, there’s an established supplier nearby, or there are customs/culture issues. We can look further into it if you need us to though.

  4. I ordered a YL 155A through another reputable UK vendor (SSW) , it was seized by Border Force. The vendor is appealing this , as there was no good reason to seize it . Meanwhile they were able to supply me with a WM 157B instead. They deliver from their UK premises , rather than drop shipping.
    If I order a 155A from you and the same thing happens again , would you be able to supply another doll and would I be off Border Force’s radar ,as I was previously ?

    1. the problem with a lot of vendors is that they’re not realising that there is a problem with certain heads. The YL 155cm A Cup body is fine as long as it’s ordered with a completely adult looking head. Many of the heads offered by other retailers fall below that standard and are borderline to say the least. If you ordered from us the it would not go under the radar as that’s not how we operate, however we do not offer any combinations that could get anyone in trouble.

  5. a friend of mine ordered a solid sex doll from aliexpress and i got as far as customs and they stopped it from entering the united kingdom with no reason given all my friend was told is that the item in question did not pass customs inspections

    1. I’m sorry to hear that Peter, customs do a good job and they have to deal with people trying to bring all kinds of things into the country. As such they have complete power what to allow or not.

  6. Hi

    Do you ship to Mexico?


    1. we’ve not shipped to Mexico before, my initial thought is there may be some restrictions with customs

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