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Big Bush For My Doll

full bush pubic hair

Over the last couple of years, I’d say only 1 or 2 doll orders out of every 100 have asked for pubic hair. 4-5 years ago, that was probably higher, like maybe 10 out of 100. So as standard most dolls are simply photographed without them. There are a few reasons for this, like, it’s been fashionable for real life women to be shaven (just like in the 70’s a big bush was fashionable). Another reason was the technology – originally the factory used to poke individual hairs into the dolls skin and glue hairs into place. This looked pretty good but over time the hairs could fall out and you’d be left with a holey/stubble effect. So customers began to advise each other not to bother. Finally, there was the cleaning side because chances are you’d get lube or man juice on the hair and then have to clean it, whereas if there isn’t any hair, it’s a quick wipe.

Over the last year or so, came the idea of glue on patches. At first, most people were quite cautious with this because it involved using strong nail glue which could slightly damage the skin underneath. However, it seems that’s not super important as it’s covered by the pubic hair patch anyway. So there would only be an issue, if you wanted to go back to having no pubic hair.

Although we’ve offered the option of having your doll shipped with the pubic hair patches for a while, we haven’t sold them as standalone products. As we’ve recently seen the number of enquiries about these products increase we’ve realised we need to start offering them. As soon as we did we had a little flurry of sales, which told us that either the demand was always there and we didn’t realise, or that times are changing. I’m willing to accept both but lean towards the latter as these pubic hair patches look so good that, that is probably what’s enticing people.

Recently we had a customer ask us if we supplied full bushes and I had to admit we didn’t. He was sure of what he wanted though and went on to purchase one for top dollar elsewhere and then send me a pic (which you can see above). He said the thought the style we provided were great but perhaps too Eastern in appearance. I’d never considered this before and had another look at the 2 styles and had to agree. Personally, I like them but see the point. So, the point of my little ramble is, I’m wondering how many of you out there feel the same and would like, if not a full bush, something a little more western looking?

New styles available as at May 2020:

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