YL 155cm A Cup


breast: 76cm
waist: 62cm
hips: 81cm
weight: 30kg

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The YL 155cm A Cup doll is a TPE doll designed by YL Doll and made by WM Dolls. You can choose any head that we sell and they will all fit on her body, even those from WM Doll and OR Doll. The bodies measurements are:

breast: 76cm
waist: 62cm
hips: 81cm
weight: 30kg

(Note: the main difference with the YL 155cm A Cup and YL 155cm Custom models, is that the custom model has wider hips)

She comes with vagina, oral and anal orifices. The vagina is 19cm deep, the anus 17cm and the mouth is 15cm deep. TPE is very elastic and so will accommodate just about all girths.

Additional information

Weight 574023605 kg

Number 8, Number 13, Number 15, Number 26, Number 30, Number 37, Number 38, Number 40, Number 46, Number 47, Number 51, Number 55, Number 73, Number 84, Number 86, Number 97, Number 99, Number 105, Number 114, Number 117, Number 118, Number 126, Number 129, Number 130, Number 137, Number 149, Number 188

Eye Colour

Green, Brown, Light Blue


Style 1, Style 2, Style 3, Style 4, Style 5, Style 6, Style 7, Style 8, Style 9, Style 10, Style 11, Style 12, Style 13, Style 14, Style 15


YL 155cm A Cup (Small Hips)

Skin Tone

Natural, Pink, Light Tanned, Tanned


Fixed, Insert

Pubic Hair

Without, With

Finger Nails

Clear, Pink

Toes Nails

4, 3, 6, 8, 11


Standing – can stand unaided when balanced properly – metal points protrude from foot, Normal – cannot stand for more than a few moments or foot will damage


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