Sex Doll Space Case – Storage Trunk


These lockable space cases are specially designed and made for our dolls. The have a polystyrene inner that allows you to store your doll inside and, as it’s also lockable, keep them safely stored away from prying eyes.

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Note: Prices shown are for when purchasing a with a doll. Please contact if you wish to buy alone.

The storage cases are hand made so the dimensions are not always exact. They will roughly have an internal dimension the same as the standard cardboard boxes that dolls are normally delivered in. For the outside dimension you can add an extra 5cm or so to cater for wheels and handles. The sizes of space case are generally made so that the dolls head is removed and placed between the legs.

As a general rule, dolls up to 159cm come in cases with an internal dimension of 150x43x28cm and dolls above that come in cases 160x43x28cm. Again, add 5cm or so for the outer dimension for wheels and handles.

Full size cases weight approx 20-25kg

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WM 160cm (male), WM Torso D Cup, WM Torso H Cup, WM Torso M Cup, YL Torso B13, WM 152cm H Cup, YL 155cm A Cup (Small Hips), YL 155cm A Cup (Big Hips), WM 155cm L Cup, YL 155cm D Cup, OR 156cm B Cup, OR 156cm D Cup, OR 156cm E Cup, OR 156cm G Cup, WM 157cm B Cup, OR 157cm H Cup, WM 158cm D Cup, WM 159cm D Cup, WM 160cm B Cup, YL 160cm JJ Cup, OR 160cm K Cup, WM 161cm G Cup, WM 162cm B Cup, WM 162cm D Cup, WM 163cm C Cup, WM 163cm H Cup, WM 165cm D Cup, YL 165cm E Cup, WM 165cm P Cup, WM 167cm N Cup, WM 168cm E Cup, WM 170cm H Cup, WM 170cm M Cup, YL 170cm FF Cup