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You can feel and touch a beautiful woman’s body inside your hands as Goddess of Love, which was only available in large dolls. Perfect body proportions, beautiful posture, and fantastic body line is not only for a pleasure sensation but is a piece of artistry and quality work that sublimate from a masturbator.
A masterpiece of small silicon masturbators created by tenacity of KOKOS.

Not only the beautiful sculpture but also the internal structure ensures perfection of physical stimulation stem from visual excitement.

Detail expression from beautiful, face, well-rounded breasts to clean and detailed pubic area. A whole-body doll with beautiful proportion of body and stunning body line sculpture without distortion or exaggeration. KOKOS’ men’s masturbation instrument that conjures up a beautiful artistic sculpture is only 14cm in width (about 5.5 in.) / length 23cm (about 9 in) / weight bout 1.2kg. One would doubt if it can be actually used because of its small size and detailed design. It is not too much to say that the doll features the finest detail in products of the same size. The internal structure is as detailed as the external design. The structure inside, such as irregular and complex creases and the human-like skin were carved by a person in order to demonstrate each pore realistically, thus it features an ultimate internal structure.


1. A beautiful woman’s face into a sensitive sculpture.

2. The full and charming breast line present breathtaking beauty. Beautiful legs are emphasized from well-proportioned figures are the features boasted by mini real dolls.

3. Pure and neat description of pubes will take you to the peak of pleasure.


1. The fine internal nubs resemble the nubs of a tongue, feels like having an oral sex upon insertion.

2. Thick G-spot and nubs give you powerful stimulation in thrusting.

3. The sperm outlet allows easy maintenance and cleaning after use.

4. The flat bottom can fully attach to a surface; when used, you can feel strong compressed air from the non-open end.


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