Angel Mens Sexy Ass Toy

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– Feels just like a doll.
– Realistic 3D stimulus

– Original doll angel.

– Six-step of strong and multiple compressions

– The best quality silicon.

1. Upper comb stimulus : The comb-type stimulus design helps with smooth insertion and brushes the head softly.

2. Realistic feelings of virgin lips : The comb crease of vagina brings you strong tightening and feelings of real insertion.

3. Comb + small bumps : The upper part give different and various feelings from the bottom, as it is coupled with comb and small bumps.

4. G-Spot + Large : The bottom part is coupled with G-spot and large embossing offer even more thrilling experience.

5. 3D composite structure : A product developed in a unique and multiple realistic structure consists of comb stimulus and small embossing at the top and G-spot and large embossing at the bottom.