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Factory Pics

Customer order just completed at the factory: Head: 137, Eyes: blue, Wig: 15, Body: OR 160cm K Cup, Skin Tone: Tanned, Vagina: Fixed, Pubic Hair: none, Feet: standing

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  1. I have never bought a doll because no company has never sold a doll that has Human shaped legs! I am a leg man since I have memory. All dolls use up all the silicone building boobs, but starve the leg calf of showing the slightest hint of muscle. To the point of polio victims. Then those sorry censors take away the main reason, we buy! Can’t see what your buying, or artist to get credit for good work. I see this factory is attempting to correcting this. It is not like we purchase every day so, when we do buy, it’s kind a special expense.

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