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What’s Up For Grabs This Week (Friday 29th March 2019)

Pipedream Extreme Brunette Hot Water Face Fucker

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Previous Winners:

22nd March : Bangers Mega Tight Masturbator – Robbie L , Hertfordshire – prize claimed – awaiting review

Please note that we are putting free giveaways on hold until the previous winner writes a review as that’s one of the main points of this. If we don’t get reviews we may have to change the way we do this. Charge for the product and then refund upon receipt of the review.

29th March: Pipedream Extreme Brunette Hot Water Face Fucker

We’ll be giving one product to one person every week and I’m sure the question you want to ask is why? Well, there are a few reasons:

  • we need product reviews (we hope everyone who gets a free product leaves a product review)
  • we want to sell more sex toys (the reviews will help with this)
  • we kinda want to (it makes us feel good)