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Woman Has Sex With A Male Sex Doll

I recently watched a video of a woman learning about male sex dolls and then going on to actually having sex with one of them… Although there are already plenty of pornographic videos in this vain this was something different. She (Karly Sciortino) started to discuss the effect that it had upon her beyond the mere act of intercourse and therefore touch upon something those in the doll world may already be familiar with: their ability to heal both mentally and emotionally. They’re something we can project our inner sexual selves onto and become our extensions.

You may think she’s sexually aggressive or have some choice names for her as we are often be brought up to think women should be passive and not really enjoy sex. However, I believe that if a man or woman is confident in their sexuality then we should applaud them, accept them as an example of a person who has achieved what we are all secretly striving for: none judgement of our sexual selves.

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She isn’t the first female advocate for the male sex doll as I remember an episode of Ali McBeal, where she comes home to her inflatable lover after a frustrating night on the town. However, she may be the first one that has taken it so seriously. As I watched I wondered, was she actually having sex with the doll on camera? At first, I thought she was faking it but when she talked afterwards I was convinced she’d done it. She experienced something that so many people I’ve talked to go through. This completely new experience of having sex for the first time… resetting… shedding misconceptions and judgements and starting to walk a healthier path.

Whether she did or didn’t I have a lot of respect for her courage in placing herself before the judgement of the world. She’s helping to promote the use of sex dolls to the general public and further open our eyes that this industry can be for both men and women.

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