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Celebrity Sex Robots

It’s been my pleasure over the years to witness the growth and change of the area, industry and idea of celebrity. Increasing numbers of people are becoming recognised for their talents, hard work or simple craziness and this brings with it increasing diversity in their attitudes and behaviours. The most interesting and valuable types of celebrity are those who push against social norms, who refuse to conform and who present themselves as they truly are.


Mainstream celebrities are now starting to transcend sexual barriers. They’re doing things that are shocking in the moment and forcing us to re-evaluate our thoughts on acceptability. Things like the Paris Hilton and Katie Price sex tapes, which were sopposedly released without their consent, created temporary hysteria but were then socially accepted as the stars refused to be shamed. Since then, celebrity sex tapes seem quite common and I often wonder if they’re intentionally released rather than “leaked” – as they seem to only heighten the fame of those involved. In the future, this will simply be a choosable extra revenue stream, an extension of the old Playboy route. Todays society is driven by the desire for wealth and merchandising is one of the popular methods used to capitalise on celebrity status.

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So, with all that said, it seems a safe bet that celebrities will soon have the choice to license and profit from their own sex robot replicas and take celebrity sexual worship to the next level. This will allow us to move from fantasy to reality, from masturbating over pics and videos towards actually having sex with their form. As the AI develops, we’ll move from having sex with just their form to having sex with their persona too – in a sense almost having sex with the celebrity themselves. Which, in a sense, is possible now as more adult stars engage sexually with their fans for money or to release the content to be monetised but there’s a limit to how many people a single celebrity can make it with – this however would remove this restriction. Would we then have a leaderboard for most times a celebrity has been bonked by a fan?


The upside for the celebrity would be a royalty on every doll sold, increased fame and subsequent royalties for AI and movement-sequence updates, new perfectly fitting outfits and any other invention that happens between then and now. So we’re not just looking on a single payout but a stream and any celebrity getting in early is likely to make a lot of money over a good period of time.

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Since starting the company, we’d always thought there’d be a point when celebrity sex dolls and robots would be a natural evolution of the industry. However, as of today (May 2019), I don’t think we’ve actually had such a request. One or two in passing conversation perhaps but nothing that stuck out as being serious. The closest we’ve probably come are requests for obscure porn stars and then the number of sales probably wouldn’t warrant the investment.

We’ve personally approached a few celebrities and came close once or twice but the timing isn’t quite right yet and the balance has to be just right. So the real question is, who will be the first British celebrity to have their own sex doll? Answers and suggestions in the comments please

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