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My Doll and I

It was Wednesday 16th of July 2020 when it happened. After spending the best part of 2 years lurking around the Lovedoll website, I finally took the plunge and bought a doll. So there you go, it’s done and it doesn’t matter what doll I bought or how I specced it. No, the key question here is why it took all that time to make the decision to buy. So I gave it some thought, reached some conclusions and decided to share the results with you, a reader that might be stuck in the ‘buy or not to buy’ rut.

My Doll And I

What about the Doll?

I recall that I decided very early on what model I wanted. That decision was easy, I remember seeing it for the first time and was sold there and then. I admit that I did look at some others from the site, but in the end, I went for the one that just felt right which is a subjective, personal decision that I cannot really explain to you. I went for a pre-specced model, where the key decisions have already been made. I like that route because if I’d gone down the Doll Builder route I would have been swapping specs from now til kingdom come.

What about Me?

I’m in my mid fifties, I have my own business and I do alright. I’m told I look tidy enough and apparently I’m good company, but the problem for me was that I could never find the right person. Actually that’s not true, I found plenty of people that were ‘right’ but it never worked out. Then the day arrived when I realised that I was most likely going to spend the rest of my life single. That realisation isn’t a long slow fade, it’s more like a hurdle to be jumped, at least it was for me and I almost messed up because I started to see buying a doll as being essentially emblematic of what I considered a major failure in my life.
But ultimately, it is what it is and the choice was to move on in a different direction or wallow in a sense of failure. At ten to four yesterday I decided to move on.

What about the Stigma?

I’m not going to lie about it. There is a stigma attached to buying a doll and to be honest, the fact that I have a doll is not going to be the subject of a pub conversation and it’s not going on my LinkedIn profile either. But at same time I don’t go around telling people about my collection of model cars either, it’s part of my private life and so is the doll. It is wrong to let what you think other people think control your life.

What about the Supplier?

I chose Lovedoll because of the transparency, simplicity and the fact that emails are answered within hours if not the same hour. I like the ordering update system as well.

What about the Lodger?

Oh, about that. Yes, I have a lodger. Now there’s a lot I can hide from the lodger, but at some point soon, 75lbs and 5ft 4 of sex doll is arriving at my flat and I’m going to struggle to explain what exactly is in the giant box at the bottom of the stairs. So I decided to tell him. It went something like this…

Me: You’re not going to believe what I’ve done…
Lodger: Bought more model cars…
Me: No. I bought a sex doll.
Lodger: You’re joking? Was this when you was pissed last night?
Me: No. I was stone cold sober.
Lodger: Not sure how I feel about that…
Me: Why?
Lodger: Well that documentary we saw a while back. The people were all a bit weird. 
Me: Am I weird?
Lodger: Well, no. Not really.That’s why I’m not sure how I feel about it.
Me: This is a bit rich coming from the guy that once spent half hour having a webchat with RealDoll to see if they would build a 
doll that had blue skin and a tail. Remember that? Blue skin and a tail?

So we got through that bit and chatted a bit more about the impending new arrival and it ended like this…

Me: Glad we got past that. Anyway it arrives in three weeks time.
Lodger: Not ‘It’, ‘She’. ‘She’ arrives in three weeks time…

Love my lodger…

Is she going to be worth it? I don’t know, but it’s worth a punt. What I do know is that it’s going to be Two Men and a Sex Doll Behaving Badly. 
And I’m the only one sleeping with her, I made that very clear and besides she isn’t blue and doesn’t have a tail so she’s safe from the lodger.

Oh, almost forgot, it’s ‘Jasmine’ that joining us. Take a look at her profile. How could you not…?



5 thoughts on “My Doll and I

  1. Hi – could you give us an update on how’s it going? After your experience with her over the past 6 months or so – what’s your opinion now and has she this lived up to your expectations?

  2. well i live in a co-op building, and my first doll sat outside my door all day, the fact of the matter is nobody knows what could be in the box, it could be a bar, shelving, or just make something up but no one knows what it is and you dont need to confirm…100% the truth
    P.S. my dolls are great, i have three and im buying a fourth…

  3. Excellent, I imagine with a few details changed thats many people who read your story, good luck with Jasmine.

  4. Good luck.
    My wife will not allow me one – not fair as she has stopped sex as she is now over 60.

    1. @Jack
      Pfff. Just buy one. She’ll get over it.

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