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Lighter Dolls

As we all know, some of the dolls we sell are heavy, perhaps too heavy for some people. There’s been talk for a while of making them lighter and you guys have often sent in your ideas how to do this. Well, it looks like the time has finally come and the factory is ready to roll this out, or a prototype at least. They’ve focused their efforts and are now able to offer the WM 163cm H Cup in a 10Kg lighter version and the WM 168cm E Cup in a 8-10Kg lighter version.

Lighter WM Dolls
Heavenly Cherub Gets Wings

The exact details will follow but essentially, they’ll be using around 30% less TPE and adding and internal, sponge like material. Exact details on this are likely to be slow to be released as there’s always an element of secrecy in an attempt to stay ahead of competitors who are more than happy to copy (often badly) advancements without doing any of the R&D.


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  1. Hi Graham, its about time !! I would certainly be interested when they are released.

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