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How To Move Your Sex Doll

Let’s face it, all our dolls are pretty heavy and, if you’re not used to them, you can get quite a shock when you first start to move them around. Here, I’ll give you a few options of how to shift your lady lover depending on her weight and your strength.

how t move your sex doll around

The easiest way to move a standing doll is simply to pick her up under the arms, move her a short way and then put her back down again. You need to be careful with the soles of her feet because, if you put her down too quickly on a hard floor you may damage her soles (not her soul – as she may not have one). You can avoid damage to the feet by putting her down on carpet or putting socks/shoes on her.

Another option, especially if you’re carrying a doll up some stairs, is to put her over your shoulder. This can be hard work on the legs but it can save a lot of time if you’d got some distance to cover and is a lot easier on the back.

You can also cradle her in front of your but be careful as this takes a lot of strength and can really hurt your back, especially if you’re bending down to pick her up in the first place.

If anyone has any other suggestions please add them to the comments below and I’ll update this article.


6 thoughts on “How To Move Your Sex Doll

  1. For short distances, stand her upright with one arm around her back, and the other arm under her bum cheeks. It might be over cautious but for heavier and softer girls I will lift from 2 separate places like that to not put too much stress on the material at any one point like just her back. 9 times out of 10 she will be cradled in my arms with one under her back and the other under her knees\thighs like Marcus said

  2. Some useful advice there.

    My preferred method is to carry them horizontally, in front of me. One arm under the back and gripping the doll just under her arm, my other arm under, or just above the knees, gripping the thigh. This leaves the bulk of the weight (the butt) balanced between your arms. I find it works well for my dolls, which are 30-35kg. May be better to use another method for heavier ones.

    But you do have to be careful when lifting. Crouch – DON’T bend your back (i.e. lift with your knees and not your back).

  3. Really useful posting. I think for moving a doll up or down stairs that the fireman’s lift has to be the best and safest way as you have a hand free at all times.

  4. Bend and lift from the knees. In every situation.

  5. You could use a wheelchair to move around or stairlift

  6. Great post, thanks.
    Some suggestions:
    Office chair for short distances
    Hand truck for longer distances
    Car for really long distance, ?.

    Also, have been using a punch bag bracket with pulley to raise and lower.
    As bonus, can also use same bracket to suspend her for cleaning.

    Hope everyone takes good care of their back, u only get one so treat it well. ?

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