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Child Sex Dolls

BBC Radio interview – 310717 Adrian Chiles

A little while back there were a lot of stories in the media about child sex dolls. The authorities recognised that there were a number of dolls entering the UK (and other countries) and they deemed it a problem, in that it could normalise such activities and potentially lead to an increase in real world offending. There were (and continue to be) many arrests of people importing small dolls and some of them were found to have connected paedophilic interests and associations. A number of the arrests resulted in prosecutions and sentences, including jail time. Most notably, at least one case resulted in jail time without any connected offences. We have been told that 140cm dolls and above should be ok but it also depends upon how young the face looks. We have also been hinted to the fact that potentially dolls of 140cm may be looked at going forward. We operate a policy of 5ft and up, i.e. 152cm. We understand that some fully grown women are shorter than this but it is a threshold that we have imposed in order to give a good image of the industry, to protect customers and because we agree fully with the decisions of the UK government and authorities on this. We also only sell heads that we deem to look 18 and over.