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Here we have the Olinda head #99 on the WM 159cm D Cup body. The options that can be established from the pictures are already set for you, the ones that can’t be seen have been set to our experienced recommendations. If you like her but would like to change something or have more options, try our sex doll builder.

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Here we have the Olinda head #99 on the WM 159cm D Cup body. The options that can be established from the pictures are already set for you, the ones that can’t be seen have been set to our experienced recommendations. If you like her but would like to change something or have more options, try our sex doll builder.

Our dolls are made of TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) which is a softer material than silicone and nicer to the touch. They come with vagina (19cm), anal (17cm) and oral (15cm) orifices. They have full metal skeletons that enable them to move like people and be placed into poses for interactive or photographic purposes.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    petergrahammg (verified owner)

    This is my honest experiences from start to finish and as such is likely to be a fairly long read.

    For at least a year I had been wondering about sex dolls. I owned and still do own, many other sex toys of varying quality. But none of them had legs and I am very much a legs person. Over the year of 2016 I spent many hours searching through various sex doll sites and simply viewing them. I wanted a Real Doll (who doesn’t?) but my budget didn’t allow it at the time. That lead me to uncover the differences between TPE and Silicone etc. My search further lead me to more serious considerations such as where do I get one from? Understanding that customs would have to be involved it would be wiser to purchase from a company in the UK. Little did I know at this time that they still get imported.

    I visited several sites selling sex dolls. Some sold other toys, others were specialising in just sex dolls. Admittedly I wanted a doll purely for sex and just up my sex toy count. I narrowed my search to several UK vendors who I thought were somewhat legitimate. Then narrowed it down further to ones I believed were legitimate. I mean how do you go about telling people you just got scammed out of several thousand pounds on a sex doll? Not really something you want to talk about, at least not publicly. Love Doll UK’s site had my attention from the beginning. It looked professional and clean. There wasn’t clutter and a hundred pictures to slow loading times for those of us not on 100mb broadband. It even had options for viewing on a mobile. After a while I narrowed down my search to what dolls I considered a good match for me. Ended up with 3 possible choices. Naturally, I went shopping elsewhere searching for the same dolls for a better deal.

    This is where I found Love Doll UK starting to shine. Some other vendors were cheaper, but they didn’t have Live Chat when I needed it. OK you have email or phone, but that’s traceable and open to accidental leaks of what you have been up to. I had a quick chat with Graeme on the site and he explained a few things to me and helped expand my knowledge of a few products. A few weeks later I came back to other vendors but, without saying their websites were not good (because they were good) Love Doll UK’s site was easier to navigate and that live chat was going to tip the balance. I started a chat, talked to Graeme again and after some (no, MANY) questions I secured my purchase using PayPal. It went flawlessly and I nervously sat there wondering if I had just been scammed out of my money.

    I received an invoice email and the waiting game began. Over the next week I must of pestered Graeme several times as I nervously asked things like “Do they really look like the photo’s?” and “The tan skin looks so dark, are you sure it looks the same as the photo’s?” and I had to stop myself from acting like a child on a car journey “Are we there yet?!” I kept getting email updates on my order. That the order had been sent to the factory. That it had been completed. It had been shipped. When it arrived in the UK I got an email for that too. A few days after it arrived at their warehouse in the UK I got a email asking when it was convenient to deliver (I chose planned delivery). I got a speedy response to confirm and I had pretty much no sleep the next few days.

    I was given a tracking number and I got up early Wednesday morning for my delivery. It got to just past 13:00 and I got a phone call on my mobile, from UPS. As I was expecting the parcel earlier I was now slightly disappointed but it was certainly out of Love Doll UK’s hand. UPS told me they didn’t know it was my package and wanted to confirm. They then told me it wasn’t to be delivered today but tomorrow instead. I sat down and sighed but accepted that there was nothing I or anyone else could do. The next day came and I waited and refreshed that UPS tracking page so often I’m surprised the website didn’t go offline. It got to past mid morning and I had no tracking update, none! Panicking that they would not deliver my parcel on that Thursday (the last day of a discreet delivery that week) I decided to ask Graeme. This time I decided to phone instead. Graeme was exceptionally helpful and explained all what he was going to do along with everything that was likely to happen and in what time frames. I got a phone call within half an hour and Graeme told me it was to be delivered in 20 minutes, and sure enough it was.

    Everything from there was great. Even a week later when I wanted to confirm some possible issues I had he was more than helpful and offered me a plethora of advice and options.

    My ratings:
    Website Visual Appeal: 10/10
    Website Ease of Use: 8/10
    Live Chat Response Times: 10/10 (within their hours it was under a minute usually)
    Ease of Transaction: 10/10
    Customer Service: 10/10
    Discretion: 10/10
    Knowledge: 10/10
    Would Buy From Again? YES!

    I truly have no words on how good Graeme and his team are. If you are looking for a trustworthy discreet and well known UK vendor who deals with customs for you? I would hands down say it’s a great service. Even before sale there was no push to get a sale. During purchasing there was no pushing or “you need these extras that will cost you more”. After sales was fantastic.

    Would recommend to anyone!

    For those of you wondering if she looks like the photo’s? The only way I can describe it is, she is far more beautiful in person. Truly amazing.

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