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Sex Doll Podcast #4 – Resolutions, Growth and MGTOW

Transcript: Hi guys, I hope you’re all well today. It’s New Years Eve right now and tomorrow of course will be New Years day. So if you’re listening to this on New Years day then Happy New Year to you. I would like to break from the previous formats of the podcast, where I did Sex Dolls news, some feedback, things that were going on with the business and I would just like to talk about a single issue. I want to touch upon it because it’s a very large topic and it will take a lot of discussion and I know it might rile a few people up even and we may get some negative feedback for thi. I’m not expecting it, I don’t want it and if it comes obviously we’re going to look at it. I’m going to try and treat this matter as delicately as I can. So first I’m going to say that it’s very good timing because it’s New Year, and at New Year we all commonly make resolutions and also more commonly we feel to realise these resolutions.

Now I understand that there are some of you out there who do realise their resolutions and are very  good and very organised but I speak to the majority of people, including  myself and we all fall into the trap of making wild and huge ambitions which are very ambitious but perhaps not realistic giving our previous goals or our previous achievements. So I think, I’m going to do this as well, but I would also invite you to do it with me and what I would say you should do this year, instead of making large ambitions just pick two or three small, relatively easily achievable ambitions. Pick one that you could  achieve in the first week or two of January. Not something that you are going to do any way like get out of bed but something that you probably wouldn’t do but know that you either need to do it, or if you did do it, it would make quite a big benefit to your life. Again this doesn’t have to be something hugely unachievable or difficult, something that you know that you can achieve in the first week or two. Now what that does in actually achieving that, it actually sends a different signal to our minds that things aren’t so difficult and that things aren’t unachievable and that we can actually achieve things.

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The best way to do that, to achieve any goal, is to make small steps. If you want to run a marathon it’s probably not a good idea to try and run a marathon length, is it 23 or 26 miles in a single day or tomorrow, if you’ve never ran that length. So if you do want to build up to that marathon, then what I would suggest is to set a goal in the first week of running a mile. If you’ve never run a mile, run to the end of the street – just something like that.

In doing that, in achieving that, something you know you can’t be bothered, or don’t want to but you can achieve it in that first single attempt and make that one your first resolution for the the first week of January. I think once you achieve that you’re going to send a different signal to yourself that you are an achiever, rather than someone who makes resolutions and doesn’t actually fulfill them. Then maybe pick another two resolutions which you can fulfil later on in the year. Maybe another one by March time and then another one  by July or August time and just make these slightly harder or you can make them on the same kind of level. Something again that you don’t particularly want to do but  you know that if you do do these things then it will make a big change to your life and again, don’t make these two  hard, because what you don’t want to do is achieve the first one and not achieve the second two. Make two or three resolutions that you can achieve and just say to yourself “look, I’m going to achieve these” and just see how I feel at the end of it.

So that’s enough of general advice. I’m going to do that and, as I say, I welcome you to try it as well and please let me know if you do that as an experiment, if it works for you. Certainly after the first week or two in January let me know how you feel and if that does make a positive change because I think too many of us really overreach ourselves, myself included. Really we just need to start teaching ourselves that we can achieve in this life.

Now that comes on with me and that’s a resolution for me and I’m going to make a resolution now and my resolution is to approach this topic. It’s something I’ve thought of for a long time and it’s something I want to get out there but it’s something that I don’t want to cause offence about. It’s something I want to help our business with and it’s something I don’t want to hurt our business with. So I would like to get into it and what I want to talk about is the possible uses of a sex doll and I touched upon this in a previous podcast where I’ve talked about the two different kind of customers that we come across and obviously, there’s a lot of different variables, but in general customers will fall in to two camps.

They will either drop into the sex doll world for a short period of time and they will own a doll for six months or a year and then they may move on with their life. Now I think what’s happening there is there’s a small amount of healing or experimentation or curiosity that needs to be satisfied. Some kind of sexual activity that needs to happen, some kind of emotional or purely physical, even non-sexual way, something that needs to be fulfilled. It could be just the simple act of sex – some people are actually buying dolls to lose their virginity. Whether technically that is correct, certainly the feeling is there and they can then go on to have sex with women or men.

Then you have the other kind of customer who will get into the doll world and seemingly never come back out. Now obviously for us from a business point of view that is good because we do have a number of customers who we’ve sold a large number of dolls to and these are very important customers to us but, for us as a company, we would like to see that our dolls were being used in a way that would actually move people forward in their life. There are many ways to move forward in your life and I’m not saying that if you are stuck in the doll world, whereby you are having the majority or all of your relationships with women in the form of dolls that that is a problem but, if that is to be your life for the rest of your life, personally I wouldn’t want to see that even thought that might mean more sales for us. I would like to see everybody moving on and growing from their use of dolls. Some people, as I’ve said can do that in a period of six months. Some people might take many, many years and for me as long as that is what’s happening and people, even if they’re in for a longer period of time, if they are growing from it then I think that’s also a good thing. Because I don’t think we can put a time scale on things but what I wouldn’t want is to sell somebody a doll or dolls and for them to never, ever go back into the world of women. I wouldn’t want that. I would want them to either, integrate women as well if that’s what they want. I know some people who do that. Or they would move on to women and leave the doll world. From a business point of view perhaps have the doll on the side as well. I heard a great concept the other day on Twitter and someone said have a sex doll as a side chick. I think that’s a great idea, it’s a great way to say it. Anyone who’s looking for extra marital or relationship events can get themselves a doll as well and certainly if the partner’s involved in that or aware of that then there shouldn’t be too much of a problem there.

Now, it comes on to another issue and this is perhaps where it might get contentious and the term is MGTOW (pronounced mig toe). Which stands for Men Going Their Own Way. I came across this movement a good few years ago. Probably two or three, or three or four years ago – around the start of this business and there’s a certain overlap there. Now men going their own way have become disaffected with women, potentially society as well and they’ve decided to, certainly at the moment, not get involved with women again. Now that’s a bit of a sad prospect for me and although if everybody in the world went that way and went on to dolls that would be beneficial for us as a business in terms of sales, I don’t think that’s something we would want. 

We did, if you’ve ever heard the story of why we continued this business, our first customer. We were very interested in the healing aspect of things and we were very happy with the fact that it allowed people to move on with their lives. Now the MGTOW side of things, again this is where people are voluntarily deciding not to move further in relationships.

I listened to a lot of the arguments from both sides. From the feminist side, from the MGTOW side and there are some good arguments on both sides and they certainly are on paper, at times, very logical but I think logic isn’t the only way to make a decision and I don’t think it is the way we actually make decisions. From what I gather and read we all make emotional decisions very quick, very instinctive gut decisions and then some of us will talk about them emotionally and some of us will talk about them and justify them logically. I think we can focus on a lot of bad things that happen. 

A lot of particular instances of things being unfair and once we get in with a group of people we can all magnify our own opinions of why something is fair or unfair or how a certain group is persecuting us or not. For me, I think the idea of marriage is still a fantastic thing, the idea of family is still a fantastic thing and I feel sad for any man who says he never wants that again or never wants to experience that in the first place. Yes these things are very difficult. At times the odds are stacked against us but the level of happiness that you can get from interacting with another human being. Now even if that happiness is less than 50% of the time, the rewards that you get from that, the challenge that you get from that, from personally growing, from teaming up with another person, or teaming up with a family, far outweighs the difficulties and this is where things can get interesting. 

Instead of focusing on the negatives of other people, if you focus on the negatives or the positives of yourself and you raise your own game, the negatives of other people around you, don’t seem as important. Now I know within the MGTOW movement there certainly seems to be that type of thing happening, where you guys (if any of you are listening) do self improve yourself and I think some time away from women may well be a good thing and the same thing with the use of sex dolls for a period of time, is a good thing. Abstinence, if you want to say it that way, or the abstinence from relationships can be a good thing because it gives you time to work on yourself but as a final solution I don’t think it’s the right answer. I know I might get bombarded by what about this? or do you think this is fair do you think this is fair? and probably a lot of what  you throw at me I’ll have to say, no it’s not fair but life isn’t fair and… it is in a sense, because in this life you can have anything you want (within reason) but you have to work for it and not only do you have to work for it, you have to make the right decisions, which is one of the hardest things in the world because in any given day you can be faced with 20 or 30 decisions and making the right ones is always very tricky and it requires a lot of luck at times, it requires a lot of practice, experience, guidance around you – associating yourself with the right people, reading the right books and where I’ve tried to take this business in the past, and maybe not so open and vocally, is I would like the business to be a force for good in your life.

So if you’re listening to this and you’re, either in the doll world, or thinking of getting into the doll world I would like Sex Dolls to be a force for good in your life. By that I mean a force of growth, to help you grow, increase happiness, decrease loneliness, feel better about yourself. I don’t want this to be a cigarette company, where you addict people to your products or a drug company where you addict company to your products because I think there’s enough of us out there, where there are more customers all the time for this business and if ever there comes a point where everyone becomes so happy and sex dolls aren’t necessary because relationships between both sexes are fantastic, then that’s a great thing and I would happily trade that for this business. I don’t think this business alone will achieve that. Maybe that will never happen but it would be wonderful and if you ask me now if we could do that would you want that and I would say yes, because then everyone including myself would be a lot happier.

So I think to finalise things, again, I’d like to wish you happy New Year and I’d like to say that, going forward, I would very much like to try and develop this business more so that it comes across as a development platform and if anyone has any feedback how we can do that and how we can help one another to develop and become more confident people, happier people, stronger people, more responsible people, in a healthy way that works for us, then I would love some feedback on that. Please, I don’t want to get into real specifics about how this  is happening or that is happening or such and such said this. I would really like to focus on the benefits and the positive ways to grow and one of the things I wanted to do, for example, was maybe make some links to certain people out there in the world who I think are making a real positive contribution, people like Jordan Peterson. I haven’t analysed all of his material but he does say a lot of good things and I agree with a lot of what he says and wondering if we can create a section on the website where we can have a positive development side of things and I wonder how people would feel about that. 

Is that too much down the throat, is that something you would be interested in, is that something you want to do yourself? It’s certainly something in our mailing campaigns I’d thought about sending out emails with ideas of improvement and personally, it’s something  I try to do. I try to improve all of the time, I read a lot of books, I’ve started doing a lot of exercise, I’ve cleaned up my diet a lot and I want to implement that into our business – especially as the business (there are some female customers) is very male orientated and I would very much like to focus on that and I would like to know is that something you would like from us. Is that something you have any ideas about. For me the business is Lovedoll UK and we specifically named it that rather than sex doll, because without getting too soppy about it, I think there is certainly an element of love here – love for ourselves and once we’ve achieved that, love for other people as well.

So please, if you’ve got any feedback, I don’t feel I’ve touched upon it, or gone as deep as I would like to on this but I wanted to start this and get this out before New Year. So I hope it makes sense to you and again, if there’s some feedback out there please send it our way

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2 thoughts on “Sex Doll Podcast #4 – Resolutions, Growth and MGTOW

  1. I fall into the latter camp of long term doll ownership; multiple dolls actually. I think it would be cool to have a “dolls anonymous” where we can get together in RL, maybe with our dolls but not necessarily and discuss why we got into it and why we’re still in the community. Unfortunately there’s still a lot of discrimination towards us so that makes things difficult and i’m not sure that will ever change.

    I’m assuming that the long term doll ownership community is very small and sparsely populated throughout the country so that would mean possible long distance commutes. The meetup may need to be scheduled at longer intervals to counteract this, maybe a monthly or even quarterly schedule.

    It’s something I was thinking of starting myself. Still in the planning phase at the moment. I want to attend the UK annual doll meetup to get a sense of what it’s like.

    1. I think it’s the same with anything when you’re in the minority. Even on a planet of billions and the connectedness of the internet we can still feel alone as the complexity and sheer number of possible experiences and feelings can isolate us, even from people who’ve had a similar experience but differ in some key area. Keep searching

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