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Sex Doll Podcast #2 – Sex Dolls and Alzheimers

Transcript: Good morning, guys, and welcome to the Sex Doll Podcast, the second episode.Today, I’m going to split things up into two sections. I’m going to do a little bit of a round-up on the news and my personal take, the company’s take on things. And also, we’ve got a little bit of feedback, and people asked us some questions and things, so maybe we’ll develop a second sort of questions and answers section.

So, to start with, with the first side of things, and the news round-up. So, these are current stories and things, and we talked in episode one about the sex bot brothel, the sex robot brothel, which was designed to require consent from people. It’s kind of a strange concept, and what you kind of find with the whole sex doll brothel thing, is that each time a new one pops up in a new country, it’s big sort of headline news, and often, it quite outweighs the reality of the situation.

Considering the stories, you would think these are huge organizations, and there’s just a stream of punters lining up and leaving their wives, leaving their husbands, in an attempt to get in there, but you’ll find that pretty much isn’t the case. These are just very small organizations. You’ve had an idea, and it fits in with the media narrative of the sex doll brothel and things, and they’re just going through the same pattern. Okay, it’s UK, now it’s Germany, now it’s Italy. They’re just following their system.

Okay, so we talked about this new one that was popping up, and it was by a lady who was … She was trying to get it funded via Indiegogo, which is a platform where people, they say they have an idea, “Give me some money, and I will make this a reality.” Now, if it’s a really good idea, and if people think it’s got a reasonable prospect of succeeding, and if they think they’re going to get something out of it, a prototype or just a better product that they can later purchase, a lot of people will give money to this, because they want to see that come a reality.

In this situation, it looks like she didn’t get the money she needed, and only 1% of funds were raised of her target. She was hoping to attract $155,000.00 and she got 1% of that. So, then … I think the way it works is that, she won’t then get any of the money, because you have to hit your full target. Because really, if you don’t hit your full target, and that’s what you’ve projected, if you get 1% of that, you’re not going to make it a reality. So, I think that’s probably the way it works.

And you’ll have to excuse me. I have a little bit of a cold this morning.

Okay. So, it didn’t work, and I kind of thought, “Okay, that’s the story.” And the fact is, and kind of what I alluded to before, is that these sex doll brothels, they really aren’t as popular as people would think from the stories that are coming out. We had our own kind of little involvement, and we got credited as being the UK’s first sex doll brothel, whereas, in reality, we had a small try-before-you-buy scheme. We just wanted to see if that would work, but … You know, yeah, there kind of was a lot of demand, a lot of inquiries, but how many of them were legit, and how it would’ve worked and things, is quite a tricky one.

But the very interesting thing about this article was that this lady … When I looked into it a bit more, and I checked her out on Twitter and things, because I saw in today’s article, it says that she’s a cult leader. So, I had a little bit look on her Twitter, which is [unicoleunicron 00:03:54]. I don’t know if that’s got something to do with unicorns or something. A bit of a strange one. I don’t see the connection, unless it’s a bit of a sex cult or something, but it looks like she’s into robot ethics or something. And I think, for all of us, this whole robot side, it’s a whole new can of worms. It’s a whole something new that we’ve got to consider. But I thought that was interesting.

So, yeah, she’s an American cult leader. It just seems like maybe she had this idea, and she thought she could run something, and it didn’t pan out for her. And I think that sometimes the things with cults, really, is that … I mean, I’m not an occult expert, but for me, somebody has an idea, which they don’t like the way society is running, they don’t like the way things are running, so they say, “Oh, I have this magical idea. Wouldn’t it be great if everybody believed this, believed the same things as me?”

Again, I’m not knocking this girl. I don’t know who she is. I followed her on Twitter, so I’m going to see what she’s all about, and see if there is any kind of real connection here, or if this was just a random happening, where the two things were put together.

I think that’s the story, really. There’s nothing too much to it other than the fact of seeing that these things and these ideas aren’t really as popular as you might think. And on that note, what one thing … So, well, moving on to the next story of the day, and then I’ll come on to the point I was about to make, so Germany …

So, it’s in The Sun today, quality tabloid. If you’re foreign, it’s … Well, I’m not going to knock the guys, but to me, it’s an entertainment paper. It’s not somewhere where you’re going to go for facts and things, and they fill a niche. They do their job.

So, the Germany’s first sex doll only brothel. The owner believes it’s the perfect place for randy men, and it also includes [ladyboy 00:05:58] versions. Okay, that’s great. So, what’s the actual twist on this one? Yeah, maybe it’s that, maybe it’s that. There’s ladyboy versions in there, but, I mean, we had pictures of ladyboy ones and things, but I think, as I said, they seem to be trying to have a little bit of a twist on each new one opening up in each new company, and each new country. Sorry.

So, in terms, as I said. So, the media will kind of, they’ll kind of repeat the same stories. So, I guess, really, the way it works is, there’s a good story, and it works in one country, so let’s replay it in another country, and let’s replay it in the same country, about every other country.

So, if you’re listening to this, and you’re thinking … If you’ve been seeing the media, and you think, “Oh, I’ve seen a lot of these brothels cropping up in different places in the world, it sounds like a really good idea. I’m going to do it,” I would probably advise against it. I don’t think it’s a huge market. I don’t think it’s going to be a massive business, unless maybe somebody can really get it right.

And everybody who thinks they have this idea, probably think they have it right, but unless somebody comes at it with a lot of money, a lot planning and things, and maybe a franchise model in every city, or something. I think [LumiDolls 00:07:20] out there, they’re doing it. They’re probably at the forefront, and maybe it might work with enough time and effort, but I don’t think you’re going to open up one in your city, and, suddenly, you’re going to take over the world, and make a lot of money. So, think twice, if you get this idea, and you think it’s something you want to run with.

The other side of things, as well, is the fact that the second part of the story, for the media, is when that … The one that they’ve built up massively, and they’ve sorted a lot of stories about, is when that one then gets shut down, either by … I think we saw recently, in Hong Kong, the police shut one down, or anarchists, the council kind of shut it down, and we got a big fine and things. We were offering a try-before-you-buy scheme. We got labeled as a sex doll brothel. We got a big fine. We got fined 10,000 pounds for that. It was crazy, but that’s the downside of things as well.

So, be careful if you are being pushed and manipulated into creating any particular story, because the second part is to then publish the whole how you get shut down and how you get fined, and all of that kind of thing, and they will then turn on you. You think they’re your friends, and then they’ll turn on you, and then persecute you and make you look really terrible. So, just be careful with that, be careful with that.

I think the whole robot brothel thing won’t really work until … Sorry. Yeah, that’s the … It won’t really work until we become robotic, and I mean beyond just AI with a moving head and talking. Where the whole doll is robotic like you see in some of the movies and things, and … What’s that movie? [A.I. 00:09:05], and you’ve just Jude Law, who plays some … I forget it. What’s his name again? I forget the guy, but he’s fantastic, and then there’s a woman in there as well.

And I think, at that point, that’s where it might become successful. But, at that point, you don’t really need the brothels. You could just probably go to any hotel, and you could hook up on an app or whatever technology we have at the time, and you would just say, “Right. Meet me here,” or they would walk to your house, they’d get the bus to your house. So, whether or not a sex doll brothel will ever work is beyond me, but, again, take a look at LumiDolls and let’s watch those guys and see how well they do.

Okay, so, yeah, that’s that one. There’s another story, again, in The Sun. Sex robots of the future could be hacked by cyber criminals looking to steal rompers’ most intimate details, a security expert has warned.

Well, yeah, of course they could. If we ever had a situation where the cameras had, the eyes of the dolls had cameras, which I guess they would have to if they were going to interact and they were walking and things, they’ve got to know what they’re walking into. Yeah, of course, of course they can record things, but that’s the same as if you’re having sex or if you’re masturbating in front of your computer, or if you’ve got a phone or anything anywhere in your house and you’re having sex, or sex with anybody, anybody at any time can probably hack you and watch you doing that.

Now, when I say anyone, I don’t mean anyone. Anybody with a sufficient level of hacking skill. That’s probably a very small minority of the world now, because security’s pretty good, but I think we got used to the idea that, potentially, we could be being watched.

The final story I want to talk about is … It’s a nice story. It’s not quite within the sex doll industry, but there’s a definite link there, and it’s about a couple of women who deliver baby dolls to people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia to give them comfort.

Now, it looks like this is probably in America. It’s CBS News. So, they’re calling around these care homes and they’re handing out the dolls to old people, men and women who have Alzheimer’s, and there’s a definite affect there. And this is increasing, they’re doing it more and more, and they’re … These people, there’s a video on, and if you watch the video, a lot of these people are just really super happy. They’re giving women baby dolls, dolls that look like real babies, and these guys are having very strong emotional reaction.

They’re also giving stuffed dogs to men. It looks like they’re probably early on in that stage, because the dogs look more like teddies than they do real dogs, but, again, you can see the definite reaction there, and some of them are very joyously happy.

What they’re saying is, a lot of the Alzheimer’s often strips away a lot of a person’s personality and brain function. There are still some very deep-rooted things inside there, which are things like this memory of when they were parents, of how they felt when they had babies of their own. And with the guys, how they felt when they owned a dog, and they loved their dog. And both sides of it, they can’t have these things because they’ve got Alzheimer’s so they couldn’t take care of them, and they’re in a care home. So, again, it’s not practical, but bringing these things in …

And I think, by the story, perhaps, they might even get to keep these things. So, that will give longterm benefit to these people if it’s more than just a passing fad. And it would be very interesting to find out, and maybe I’ll go and take a look at these guys, it would be interesting to find out what the longterm benefit was.

And if we equate it to sex dolls, I think what would probably happen is some people might go on to keep them forever, and they might just become a part of their life. And they may live out the final days of their life as a new mother. Mentally, they might see themselves as a new mother or as a dog owner, and that might become a significant part of their personality. And that’s the case, often, with some people with sex dolls. They move into that world and they stay in there for a long time, or, potentially, forever. Some people seem to stay there for a long time, and that becomes their personality.

Or we get other people, and it might be the same in this case, whereby the … Having the baby or the dog for a period of time brings back a lot of memories and gets them through a real nice … Gets them to a nice place, and then maybe they move on again, and they say, “Okay, I’ve had that baby, I’ve had that sex doll, I’ve had that dog for long enough. I’m going to move on to a different stage of my life.”

And so it would be interesting to see if there is an element of actual healing, of longterm healing, with these dolls and dogs that are given to patients. If the ones who wants to then let go of them, and say, “Okay, I’ve had enough of that now,” if they then go on to maintain that higher level of joy and happiness, or maybe mental cognitive ability and awareness. Say if there was actual some physical longterm healing, it would be interesting if that was the case, because I certainly see that in the sex doll world, where some guys …

Maybe they’re just, they’re not ready for relationships for one reason or another. Maybe they’re a widow, which is a common thing I see, and they’re not ready for another woman yet. So, this is kind of a bridge to that, and they’ll have a relationship with a doll for period, and then they will actually move on, and they’ll feel safe and comfortable enough to go back into the world.

If you have a wife and she dies, it must be horrific, and vice versa if you have a husband and they die. How can you even begin to go on to think about moving on again? And maybe getting a doll in that situation is a halfway house, and you’re not feeling the betrayal of the other partner, or you’re not feeling the fear that maybe this one will die as well, because it can’t die. And, really, I don’t think anybody is going to think you are betraying the memory of your wife in that case. So, that … I think, in that case, you are getting an actual physical, mental change within the person and the moving on. So, it would be interesting to see if that was also the case with this company, with the babies and with the dogs as well.

Okay, so I think that’s about a wrap-up for the news at the moment. There are always more stories, and I’ll try and pick up the more interesting ones. And you guys can give me some feedback and see if the stories are of interest to you, if you like those sort of little bit of a deeper analysis in them or if you just want to hear the headlines and things. But we post them on Twitter, so you can always have a look at those if you want. Our Twitter, I think, is [lovedoll_uk 00:15:59]. You can check our Twitter out at any time, and, again, give us feedback on there and tell us what you want.

Okay, so that’s … We’ll call an end to the news side of things there. And, like I said, what I want to do next is … We had a little bit of feedback. Some people said they didn’t want it to go on too long. Maybe a typical hour podcast might be too long for this kind of subject, but we’ll see. We’ll increase and we’ll decrease, and we’ll see what people want.

So, the other side is a little bit of feedback and questions, so the first thing we were asked is, how are the dolls made?

Well, typically, and this is sometimes what people don’t understand, is that the dolls are … Each doll comprises of a body and a head, and some people, they’ll ask us, “Why don’t you, why aren’t they created in one?”

The answer for that is that it allows increased variety. So, if you have one body and if the head is fixed, you wouldn’t need to create a fresh mold for every single doll that you create, whereas, if you have a one for each body and a one for each head, you only need one mold for each body and each head, and then you can have a much greater variety out there. So, you could put one of 300 heads on one of 50 bodies, and you can get a very large number of variations there.

The mold itself is then … The metal skeleton is kind of fixed inside and put in the correct place within the mold, and then they inject the [TPE 00:17:44], the thermoplastic elastomers. So, this is a very nice, soft, fairly modern kind of combination of plastics and rubbers, and they’re injected in there, under pressure and with heat, and they’re injected into the mold so that they take on the shape of the mold itself. And then, they’re allowed to cool down, and the mold is removed, and the product is taken out.

And it’s kind of finished by the girls in the factories, which, typically, it’s girls. You get a lot of the men working in there, but it’s mainly girls on the actual shop floor. And they will just trim off any loose plastics. They will finish it off nicely. They will do the makeup and that kind of thing, and take photos.

And yeah, that’s how it’s made. If you want me to go into more detail on that, or if there’s certain questions on that, just let me know, because we’re building this, and I’ll answer further on the next one.

Another one was a question around sort of customer preferences and things, and requests. So, I don’t know if this is asking me about the options that are available to those. You know, like different skin tones and things. I don’t think it is, and I think I want to touch on that later, because we’re about to do some changes and things on what kind of options we offer. So, I’ll comment to that later, and I’ll talk about preferences.

So, I think maybe this is … It’s kind of a typical question. Does anybody make strange requests and things? And, yeah, we have had a lot of strange requests, which a request is only strange if it’s one you’re not making, I guess. If you’re making it, it’s … Maybe you think it’s strange, but it’s something you want.

Trying to think back over the years, and this is something … So, we get a … We don’t get a massive amount, but we do get sufficient amount, and people will ask us for things, but most of the time, most of the time, these are ideas rather than sort of like a genuine thing that anybody wants to do.

So, we recently had requests, which, without going in too much detail because I don’t want to betray the requests that people actually made, they’re asking for kind of like aliens. Nobody asks for animals, which I think is a good thing because I think that would probably fall into bestiality laws in the UK. But I think aliens might get away with it. You’ve got things like Avatar and stuff, where people … And blue is a good color. Maybe that’s going to become the nominator color for aliens as we go forward. But yeah, some people looking for aliens.

I had one request of somebody asking me to do … recreate their sister, which was a bit strange. We were kind of like, “Well, it’s probably possible, but I don’t think you want to go down that route. I think you want to maybe talk to somebody about that. That would probably be a better way of dealing with that.”

Other than that, no sort of specific requests. Just things like … So, sometimes people have designed avatars or video game characters, and maybe you’re playing a game and you’re using that a lot, and some people kind of create, have a bit of a relationship with that character. We’ve had that, where people have sent us their avatars and characters and said they would like this.

And, again, once we’ve mentioned things like pricing and things, because you’re not going to get … The factory isn’t going to design your custom brand new doll for the same price as the one they they’re going to put out for the mass market, because if … Your exact desire is probably just your exact desire. How many other people will have the same one? So, how many times they can resell that doll on is probably a small number. So, there has to be an increase in charge, and it’s got to cost a little bit more to get an artist to design it and craft it. And they will carve it out of this sort of plastic kind of thing, and that will take a long period of time. And they’ll match it to the picture, and then from there, they’ve got to create the mold and things. They’ve got to store it, and how many more times will they sell that?

So, the point is, once we mention that, “Look, there is going to be a higher cost involved for this,” once that’s said, then we tend to find people don’t really take it any further. And so, for us in general, “strange” ideas, they don’t seem to pan out. And I think the majority of people in the sex doll market probably just want a fairly normal but also a fantasy kind of doll.

And the last thing that was mentioned was the weight of the dolls.

When we first started the business, a heavy doll was considered around about 30 kilos, but now we’ve got dolls going all the way up to 60 and 70 kilos. Now, bear in mind that an average man in the workplace is … A maximum suggested carrying weight is about 25 kilos, which is pretty heavy. The average doll is probably a bit heavier than that now. So, in general, the dolls that we sells are quite heavy.

So, there’s a few things. One, your skill in moving them and your sort of deadlift strength does increase overtime so that you can carry them around. But two, if you’re going for one of the heavier dolls, then the idea is probably not that you’re going to carry it from room to room with you. So, if you go to the bathroom to brush your teeth, you’re not going to carry the doll with you, and then carry it to breakfast, and then put it in the chair, and then later at night, carry it up to the bedroom and things like that. It’s probably, with some of these heavier dolls, you’re going to situate them in a single place, which will be maybe the bedroom, or some people will want them on the chair, watching TV with them.

There was a lot of talk about a reduction in weight for these dolls, and I think it is something that’s on the horizon. How the factory will go about that … Will it be in terms of foam cores? Will it be skeletons, that kind of thing? So, will technological advancements bring this in? Soon, if we get to the robot stage and they’re walking themselves, then weight might not be an issue, except if they’re sitting on top of you, if you’re doing something along those lines.

But, yeah, there are some dolls on the market which are very light and they’re kind of foam dolls. We looked at these when they first came out, but, to be fair, I’m not too sure the mileage is there, because, to me, they’re more just of an advanced blowup doll. So, maybe somebody successful is selling these things, but it’s something we looked at, and it would solve a lot of problems, but, to be fair, I think going for the heavier doll, around a 30, 40 kilo mark, say 30 kilos if you’re new to the industry, I think that is probably … The experience itself is so much better than getting a lighter doll.

So, that’s about it. Those were all of the questions and things that we had.

So, again, if you’ve got any feedback on this, if you think there’s some good points, if you think there’s some bad points, let me know and I’ll try and incorporate those in there, because, to begin with, we certainly got a small sort of listening number. I think we’re probably under the rate of a few hundred of, maybe, if we’re lucky, a few thousand listeners for the first few episodes. So, if you’ve got any feedback and you want to send it through, there’s a high chance that we’re going to come back to you and feature that in the next podcast.

Okay, guys. So, yeah. Have a good day.

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