Frequently Asked Questions


We ship all dolls, heads and bodies in plain, brown cardboard boxes. Smaller items are shipped in a variety of packaging. None of our parcels make any reference to love dolls and no-one will be aware of the product you are receiving.

Part payments

Once you’ve selected your doll and options, add her to the cart. Then cut and paste the options to us in a chat or mail and ask us to send you a part payment invoice.

This will allow you to make 3 installments over a period of 3 months with either your credit/debit card or with PayPal. The first payment (33%) is made straight away, the second (33%) is made 30 days later and the third (34%) is made another 30 days later. We will order your doll upon receipt of the first payment so that she is in stock if you decide to make early payments.

Note that your doll does not ship until the final payment is made and that our normal terms and conditions about cancellations applies.

Payment using multiple funding sources

If you wish to split the payment over multiple credit/debit cards, we can also arrange this. Simply mail us with your order and ask us to send you a multiple payment source invoice.

TPE Vs silicone

TPE is softer and generally less expensive, however it is easier to damage. Silicone is not quite as soft, though it is more hard wearing and can hold more detail in, for example the artwork of the faces and the genitals.


We inspect every doll before shipping and check them to ensure there are no defects, if there are minor defects from shipping we will repair those prior to shipping. If the defect is significant we will replace the doll with another before shipping. Dolls are susceptible to damage as they can be in regular use and also have vigorous forces applied to them, as such we do not cover for wear or damage to the doll caused by general use. If the doll develops a defect that is not standard we will discuss this with the manufacturer. If they deem it to be a manufacturer defect we will act appropriately.