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Heads 176 + 237

Head: 176, Eyes: 4-black, Wig: style-11, Mouth: enhanced-with-tongue, Skin Tone: light-tanned

+ Head: 237, Eyes: 3-brown, Wig: style-8, Mouth: enhanced-with-tongue, Skin Tone: natural

3 thoughts on “Heads 176 + 237

  1. Thank you very much for the head pictures.
    I am very pleased with the end result of head 176, excellent.
    I am concerned though looking at the Lips on head 237 as they do not appear to be as Big and as Full as
    Love dolls own site pictures. ? These heads are purchased for display purposes only and especially for there full size Lips.
    I really do hope I receive head 237 with the same Big full lip size as love dolls own pictures.
    Thank you. Please advise.

    1. bear in mind the pics are shot at a downward angle, rather than directly in front but the lips still look pretty huge to me 🙂

    2. The 176 head is one of my favorites, excellent choice

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