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Head 74 / WM 158cm D Cup

Head: 74, Eyes: brown, Wig: 2 + 4, Body: WM 158cm D Cup, Skeleton: SHRUGGING SKELETON, Skin Tone: LIGHT TANNED, Vagina: Fixed, Pubic Hair: none, Finger Nails: Clear, Toe Nails: 11, Feet: standing

7 thoughts on “Head 74 / WM 158cm D Cup

  1. Hi,
    Please come you tell us the number of the Elf with large ears shown in the background in the first three pictures. I would like to feature this one next in the Jinsan head thread on UK Love Doll forums… You might already have two buyers! lol.

    p.s. head 74 is always stunning. Nice one Robert.

    1. So far we’ve found out that it is a “new” head, and probably (but not definitely) a custom, or vendor specific head. I’ll update you if we get more and please feel free to do the same

      1. Many thanks Conrad. If l find out anything before you (doubtful) l will let you know.
        Thank you so much for investigating,
        kindest regards,

        1. Hi Conrad,
          just to let you know that I’ve now had it consirmed that the head in question is #302.
          hope that helps,

          kindest regards,


          1. nice work, yes it’s confirmed

  2. Full marks for this young beauty.

  3. Yes beautiful woman just what I needed

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