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Head 108 / WM 158cm D Cup

Head: 108, Eyes: Brown, Wig: 5, Body: WM 158cm D Cup, Skin Tone: LIGHT TANNED, Vagina: Fixed, Finger Nails: Clear, Toe Nails: 11, Pubic Hair: none, Feet: standing

4 thoughts on “Head 108 / WM 158cm D Cup

  1. LOVELY doll. However the factory background reminds me of a slaughterhouse…oh Weh!

    1. you’ve been watching too many horror movies 😉

  2. The WM158D is a great doll if your looking for a more realistic height yet still a manageable weight. Mine is one of my most popular synthetic ladies and she looks great with this particular head.

    1. yes, it’s a very much overlooked body that deserves a lot more popularity – probably a lack of photosets 🙁

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