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Factory Pics: head 46 / WM 155cm L Cup Body

Customer order just completed at the factory: Head: #46, Eyes: light blue (7), Wig: style 13, Body: WM 155cm L Cup, Skeleton: SHRUGGING SHOULDER, Skin Tone: tanned, Vagina: fixed, Pubic Hair: without, Finger Nails: clear, Toe Nails: 11, Feet: standing

4 thoughts on “Factory Pics: head 46 / WM 155cm L Cup Body

  1. Wig suits her! Greatly accentuated proportions though. Legs too thin. Nice pouty mouth though.

  2. Another WM155/46 is born! This can only be a good thing!

    1. could there ever be enough?

  3. ps we’ve already told them it’s the wrong wig

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