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Factory Pics

Customer order just completed at the factory: Head: 57, Eyes: Brown, Wig: Style 7, Skin Tone: Tanned

5 thoughts on “Factory Pics

  1. Hmm, Baldilocks doesn’t ‘do it’ for me, but a good example of the somewhat complicated process/decision making for customising the ideal image for the prospective customer. There’s quite a few bucks riding on that baby!

    1. funny how we’re all attracted to different visions of beauty right?

    2. Hi Conrad. But conversely, to my mind she’s absolutely stunning. Would have been nice to seen a full frontal image of the face rather than only at angles.

      Lovely lips, face shape, eyes. great expression. A real work of art and the scultures who created her should be complimented for their eye for detail.

      Which body sizes does this head suit? …when I get my next visitor head 57 is now certainly on the shopping list… Along with 162, 188 and 193!… I really need to win the lottery…

  2. Are they making a talking head for the Ds doll

    1. yes, we’ll be selling them again soon 🙂

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