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Factory Pics

Customer order just completed at the factory: Head: #273, Eyes: brown, Wig: style 1, Body: WM 166cm C Cup, Skeleton: *** Shrugging Shoulders ***, Skin Tone: LIGHT TANNED, Areola Size : Small, Areola Colour : Tan, Vagina: fixed, Pubic Hair: without, Finger Nails: Clear, Toe Nails: 11, Feet: standing

3 thoughts on “Factory Pics

  1. Oh yes. What a nice looking girl. Sensible proportions.

  2. OMG she’s absolutely gorgeous…. the bit between perusing the marketing pics and the first real factory shots are always the most worrrying as one can never be completely sure, especially with a new design of both doll head and body, of what one’s order will look like in the real world…. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou so much. She looks absolutely perfect.
    I’ll now be sitting by the front door, tapping my foot and checking my watch every few seconds, awaiting her arrival.

    1. thank you Shaun, you nailed it when you said you never know exactly with a new model but I agree – fabulous!

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