Clone Your Own Sex Doll

We get so many people asking us to make a doll of someone they know, want to know or imagine in their mind. Well, luckily for all of those people that is something we can do. We can do this by:

Sex Doll Cloning
  • making a custom head and adding this to an existing body
  • making a custom head and a custom body

The whole process takes about 2-3 months from placing the order to receiving it at your do. It is about 95% accurate as to the pictures you supply. Yes, we do this from pictures. There will be a master picture for the head as well as numerous reference pics. For the body you can supply the same pics but also supply measurements for each body part.

Wife / Girlfriend / Partner Clone

If you work away and would like to take your wife / girlfriend with you buy can’t, then this is a perfect solution for you. Your partner can be copied down to every detail and you can then ship her around with you in a supplied flight case. This can solve a lot of problems such as infidelity, as you can still have sex with your wife, even when she’s not there.

Can You Clone My Sister?

Technically we can but it’s kind of creepy so we’d prefer not to. We’d also suggest getting a little therapy – therapy can be a good thing if you get the right one 🙂

Can You Make A Celebrity Sex Doll?

Although it’s been done a few times, the legality and morality is a bit of an issue so we’d have to consider each request on its own merits. As it happens we’re currently reaching out to a number of celebrities and have been contacted by some celebrities also. So if you have a favourite you’d like to suggest please let us know.


A custom head costs £1500 (whereas a head from our existing range costs £349) and a custom head and body combination costs £4000 (a doll from our existing range costs under £2000). So take a look at our existing range to see if you can find something you want before plumping for the custom option.

Still Want To Go Ahead?

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