Cancelling Your Order

Although most people are jumping for joy once they purchase a doll and wait patiently by their door until it arrives, there are those of you who get so worried that you decide to cancel before you ever get to meet your chosen doll.


Cold Feet: It took everything you had to press that buy button and now you’re literally terrified that it won’t be want you want. Or maybe you’re actually afraid it will be what you want. As humans, we often find it easier to stay in a lonely but familiar environment than to take a chance on a change.

Cold Light Of Day: Occasionally people order in the night, when they are rampant with desire and/or full of beer. When they wake up or sober the next day they decide against it. They feel that the moment of most intimate desire and need was just a moment and not a deep requirement of their soul. You must distinguish between which of these it was.

Found Another Doll: You’ve just started looking at dolls, found us and thought everything was great. Then you found one for a fraction of the price and thought you could get a bargain – maybe you got lucky, or maybe you should read our sex doll buyers guide


Depending on what stage of the process you cancel and which payment method you use, there may or may not be some costs involved. PayPal does not charge for cancelled orders, however the credit card company does not refund the charge for placing the transaction – this is typically around £30 on a doll order and will be passed on to you if you have paid by card.

Once the doll ships from the factory then there are additional shipping and warehouse costs involved in diverting, storing and reselling the doll. We cap this at £99. If the doll has not shipped from the factory then no costs will be incurred for this.

Cancellation Form

In order to process your cancellation request and avoid any delays please fill out the form below: