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WM 161cm G Cup – 2 Bodies Confusion

A few people have asked us about this issue. Strangely enough, none of them have been our customers and are seeking advice from elsewhere. The basic issue is the fact that there are two different bodies with the label WM 161cm G Cup but people haven’t been made aware of this. For some background information when a new doll is created, a single mold is generally made and used to produce all orders for that body. If the body becomes very popular then a bit of a queue can develop and delays might occur. When this happens the decision to make a second mold is often made. Generally, this second mold is good and differences between the two are generally not noticeable unless you’re really looking for them.

This is what happened with the WM 161cm G Cup – it became popular and a second mold was commissioned. However this time, it didn’t come out quite as close a match as usual and there were some slightly more noticeable differences. Namely, the breasts appear a little fuller and the stomach isn’t quite the same – the original was very distinctive with a solid abdominal central line. The new body still has this to an extent but it’s slightly softer looking and that’s probably a good way to summarise it – it has some slightly softer looking features: breasts, areola/nipples and stomach.

I think a couple of our customers probably received one of the new bodies but they didn’t seem to mind, or didn’t complain at least. It also appears that, in China at least, the new body is more popular.

Going forward it’s likely that the factory will still use both molds interchangeably (though I’m waiting on confirmation of this) so if you place an order, it’s possible you’ll get either – though most do seem to come through as the old body.If you have a preference, feel free to request the one you want when placing the order.

For the time being, we won’t be differentiating. Though it’s possible that we will start requesting the old mold as standard, simply because this is what all our stock pics have been shot with. I’ll update you on this here as I consider our options.

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  1. Good idea to request dolls made with the original mould. You don’t really have to look too hard to see the proportions and shape are far better than the newer one.

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