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Why We’re Not Offering Implanted Hair

There have been a lot of developments over the years but not all of them are a good idea. A recent development, that we’re actually not going to offer, is implanted hair. Although it looks good, there are a few downsides. One the head itself has to be made out of much firmer TPE, almost like a silicone, in order to hold the hair in place. Now this defeats the object of getting a TPE head as people go for this material because it’s so soft. Second, there’s the problem of what happens if some of the hair falls out?

Implant Hair For TPE Sex Doll

Now, we’ve been told that the hair shouldn’t fall out easily and should only really do so, if a hefty amount of pulling or some kind of accident occurs. However, as this feature has only been available for a month or so, there’s no way to tell how durable this really is and I, personally, find it hard to believe that it’s going to stay in for years to come.

The problem then arises of what to do if some comes out. Because then you’re left with a bald patch which you’re either going to have to try some kind of repair on (that’s if you can get extra matching hair strands) or you’re going to have to remove the hair so that you can replace with a wig. You could then pull the rest out or, more practically, give her a hair cut – but this latter option may leave problems as a soft hairy down on the scalp my make a wig slip and slide.

So with this in mind and experience of other, not so successful, ideas (eg heating and moaning functions)we’re going to give this one a miss and hope you agree with out assessment.

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